Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cool Morning!

Wow!  I had to pull the blanket up to cover me this morning; it was 45 degrees outside and the humidity was at 65%.  I had only taken shorts and T-shirts to Maggie's house, so I was a trifle chilly this morning walking to, and waiting for, the bus to come home and visit the kits.  I read Alexy's book three times yesterday, and was still completely enchanted by it.  Now I need to purchase another copy to give to Kennedy!  I baked brownies yesterday afternoon, and after they cooled, I packed a third of them into a container and gave Alexy a call.  She said to come right over, so I presented her with the brownies, and then produced my copy of The Cat Who Could Fly.  Alexy's jaw dropped.  She was amazed that I had found a good quality copy with a dust jacket after all these years - the book is out of print and was printed in England in 1970.  She decided she wanted to write "a very personal note" to me when she signed it, so I left the book with her last night.

Lovey ran out into the hall the moment I opened the apartment door this morning - but she was easy to grab and hug and lug back inside.  As soon as I sat her down, she ran to the patio door and wanted out, so I obliged.  Then I fed Nedi and Mocha, cleaned the potties, took my meds, and sat down to catch up on my e-mail and all the news I'm interested in.  Lovey came back then and wanted a pile of Party Mix  to munch on, so I again obliged her.  Most of the college teams that I root for won yesterday - with the exception of the Colorado Buffs; they were beaten soundly by Hawaii in their premiere game in their new league/division.  I watched the Virginia Tech, Mizzou, FSU, Florida, and Colorado games.  I think that I actually got my fill of football, for once.  ....   The dolphin that swam up Diascund Creek, off the Chickahominy River in Virginia, was found dead yesterday afternoon.   Poor thing!  .....  Havre de Grace beat the boys in yesterday's Woodward Stakes - she might have a shot at the Horse of the Year title.  And Animal Kingdom, who won the Derby, and placed in the Preakness, has been cleared by his vets' to resume training.  (It's been 60 days since he had surgery to repair a cracked left hock, which is presumed to have occurred in the Belmont.)

I have yet to see a day this year that there was not some snow on the Indian Peaks.  While I was running around in my shorts and T this morning, other folks were in sweatsuits, or long pants and sweatshirts - and hats!  I was chilly this morning - but a hat?  Without snow on the ground and/or without a cold wind blowing?  Maybe I'm still "running hot"....   I don't know.

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