Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crisp, Cool Morning

I had to wear a sweatshirt to the bus stop this morning in order to stay warm; it was 47 degrees out, and it took a while for the sun to start warming up the area.  My kits are out, playing in the crisp, sunlit morning.  I know I'll have to sweep the floor tonight - The grass was cut Friday, and it's just starting to dry out and stick to the kits' fur.  I had a great time watching college football yesterday - all but one of the teams I was rooting for won their contests.  There was a very brief period of hard, driving rain yesterday afternoon, but we had a lot of micro-bursts of wind.  I picked up quite a few branches this morning when I stepped out to retrieve the newspaper, and was happy not to find any injured squirrels or birds.  I did pause to take a second look at a set of muddy footprints that wandered along the drive - they belonged to a large raccoon (or a raccoon with very large feet...).  Maggie wasn't satisfied with sleeping with me last night - she wandered through the house, meowing, searching for her usual family, most of the night.  I'm happy for her that they will return this evening.

I just watched a very strange Old Spice commercial, where a man in a white captain's suit was walking along, constantly punching an octopus that was perched on his left shoulder.  It was weird.  I just hope that I don't see the new Fabian commercials for Old Spice - I might gag.  Nothing against Old Spice - my Dad wore it, and I grew up loving the scent...  But, please....  Fabian?  Old Spice?  - No. Please. 

I'm making brownies for my bus drivers this afternoon, while watching the Broncos play.  Tonight, before I leave the Barrera home, I'll stop by the Silverman-Portnoy home, to make my appearance at Nancy and Joel's Garden Party.  It's to show off the finally complete remodeling that began over a year ago.  If Rosie and Remy get too wound up, I'll probably take them back to the Barreras' or over to the Snows', until the party is done.  Both dogs want to be in the middle of things, and if Remy starts barking, it will impossible to get him to stop...  so I'll probably end up with the red kids in my care for a couple of hours.  ....  A five-year-old gelding, Rapid Redux, the son of Pleasantly Perfect, won the Hollywood Casino Stakes at Charles Town.  This was his 17th win in a row; he needs two more wins to equal the winning streak of Zenyatta.  (All in all, Rapid Redux has raced 37 times with 23 wins.)

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