Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Home Game of 2011

Today is the first home game for CU this season.  I guess I over-estimated the California Golden Bears fans, as there are loads of tickets available, that were sent back by UC.  Normally, with a 1:30 kick-off with a home game, Boulder is crawling like a huge ant pile stirred up with a stick; this morning, it's a sleepy little town, and the Harvest House Hotel, behind me is pretty quiet, too.  Of course, this is a change in conferences for the Colorado Buffs - we're in new territory with new opponents coming here to Boulder, and with the Buffs visiting  new collegiate fields.  But I expected a higher turn-out of California fans today.  I guess I'm disappointed.  ....  But since we aren't going nuts with tons of visitors, the kits can outside and play for a while this morning.  Lovey has already caught and killed a bird - an immature youngster that was still a mottled brown-speckle cover all over.  She brought it inside, placed it into an open, reusable grocery bag, and proceeded to remove half of its feathers - all over my new TV Guide.  The bird was already deceased, so I allowed her and Nedi to play with it for about 20 minutes, and then I wrapped it in a plastic bag and deposited it in the trash.  Lovey still has loose feathers stuck all over her fur.

I didn't have any over-nights scheduled until the first of October, but I received a call last night from Maggie May's owner, asking if I could take care of  Maggie and the fish next weekend.  Over Labor Day, both Darcie and her husband had visited their respective Fathers in Texas.  Thursday morning, Darcie's father was walking across the kitchen and dropped dead on the floor.  The Memorial Service will be next weekend, so I'll be at Maggie's again.  I really empathsize with Darcie, as my father passed away in his sleep on September 10, 31 years ago today.  .....  

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