Monday, September 12, 2011

Lots and Lots of Birds

What a wonderful day of football yesterday!  I had a blast!  One of my teams lost, but everyone else won - and the Ravens made mince-meat of the Steelers.   Hopefully, the Dolpins will beat Tom Brady tonight, and the Broncos will smash the Raiders... We'll see.  ....  My friend Bill rode his Harley in a remembrance tour for 9/11 yesterday in Commerce City, while my friend Larry rode his Harley in a remembrance tour up around Loveland.  I had a quiet day with the kits, other than spending a few hours at Kathy and Jim's to give Boo her 2 o'clock meds and then all three girls their dinner.  Kathy and Jim returned from their Alaska adventure this morning, and, as I haven't heard otherwise, I guess they had a good trip.  Since they are back, I don't have to run back and forth twice and three times a day any longer.

Maybe it's because the young birds are fledging again...  Lovey and Nedi have each brought me live young birds each day since Thursday.  The birds have been scared silly, but they are alive, without any broken wings or other bones, and no visible bleeding.  So I inspect each one and turn them loose out in the front yard....  I'm getting very used to having birds poop in my hands as I check them over.  Mocha was in hog heaven with me on the sofa yesterday...  She purred so much I thought she'd shake apart!  Nedi just ignores her, but Lovey still hisses, and that makes Mocha howl and growl...  Oh, well....  And a dog owner got angry with me (and the red kids) today:  she had her dog off leash, which is against the law, where we were, and her dog threw itself at Rosie and Remy with great love and abandon.  The only trouble was that it was a smallish, golden-colored thing, and both of the red kids were ready to eat it alive.  They were so good for all of the walk, and then a half-block from home, they became my protectors.  The loose dog kept dancing up to and away from, and in between Rosie and Remy.  I kept shortening their leashes and telling them to sit, but the little dog kept lunging at them...  it wasn't pretty.  My dogs settled down, and sat, and the owner finally got her dog to go to her - but she didn't even have a leash with her.  (Grrrrrrr.....)

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