Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Mish-Mash of Thoughts

Rosie and Remy were absolutely super during their walk this morning - but Remy started barking as soon as he saw me, and I had to hasten through harnessing and getting out of the door, so that he would stop.  Other than that, everything was fine; we even increased our walking speed a bit today, as Remy was not showing any signs of soreness.  Both Lovey and Nedi slept on top of me last night - it got down to 43 degrees, and I had left the window slightly open for fresh air.  ...  It looks like Gibbs and his team will be hounding the steps of the Navy's "Watcher Fleet"  this season on NCIS.  I didn't like SecNav Jarvis when he was first introduced in the last episode last season, and I find him despicable after last night's season premiere.

In nearby Broomfield, a three-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote last evening.  It's the third attack on a child in less than 8 weeks.  Luckily, she escaped with punctures to her leg and knee only.  And Broomfield has already shot and killed 9 coyotes that they felt were too unafraid of humans.   ....  And I'd like to smack a 29-year-old acupuncturist and yoga teacher, who also hires herself out as a pet sitter.  She was hired to take care of a Chihuahua for 8 days, feeding, watering, playing with, and walking it 3 miles a day.  She did the "walking" by driving her car with the dog running beside it on a leash at 10 to 15 mph.  She was seen by several people, photos were taken, and the police were called.  When two citizens approached the person and commented negatively about her "walking" the dog in such a way, the woman claimed to have a gun in her car, and asked if the two citizens wanted to see it.  (She told police she felt "trapped" by the two ladies.)  She was arrested on animal cruelty charges and felony menacing, but is out on bail, and says she "can't wait to clear my name."  She told police that the owner knew that was how she walked the dog.  The owner claims differently, and says she is horrified to hear that her dog was drug by the collar down an asphalt street.  The Chihuahua in question has been examined by the Humane Society, and other than having minor cuts around it's neck, from the collar, it seems to be in good condition.

Congress was presented with a bill on September 19th to banish the slaughter of horses for human consumption here in the US.  The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act was introduced by a Senator from Indiana, and has the backing of 56 co-sponsors.  The bill creates a fund of $5 million per year to enforce what I hope becomes law.   ....  Tropical Storm Lee  did some serious damage near Fultonham, New York - Leland Neff had 22 horses out in pasture when the flooding hit - all 22 horses (stallions, mares and foals, all racing bred thoroughbreds) are still missing after the August 28th flood waters hit their home pastures.  There are hopes that the horses survived the flood waters and are roaming free in a State Forest nearby.  ....  And the American Jockey Club has also announced that  the number of live foals born to thoroughbred mares declined by 13.5% in 2011, compared to 2010.  They also announced that they feel the down-trend will continue.  ....  However, the yearling sales in Kentucky, at Keeneland and by Fasig-Tipton, have produced much higher bidding than was expected.  Several youngsters sold for $1 million or more - including an A.P. Indy son that sold for $1.4 million.  The fall yearling sales in Kentucky will end on September 25.

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