Sunday, August 10, 2014

Odds and Ends

Well, let's see what's going on today...  The Boulder County Fair ends today and so does the Denver Arts Festival. It is sunny out this morning, but we've been warned to expect cloudy skies and thunderstorms after noon.  Boulder is congratulating itself regarding because the Boulder Ironman was a success - and the first person across the finish line (in 8 hours 20 minutes and 56 seconds) was a Boulder resident.
  Tugger isn't very happy being left alone in the house during the workday - he is giving his male owner what-for most of the night, even though I'm visiting two or three times a day.  Luckily Kristin will return this evening and he'll have his "Mom" home again.  Tessa seems to be doing well with my care - we're walking three times a day (at least) and she's playing off-leash very happily.  Rosie is my next objective - I start caring for her at 9:30 this morning; and I add Cyrano and Pounce on Tuesday.
   Lovey was thoroughly entranced by a video on Facebook this morning - someone had set up a camera to see if their dog was getting on the bed while they weren't at home.  The cat was sitting on one corner of the bed and the dog jumped up and wriggled and rolled all over the bed.  Lovey found it fascinating...
   There are 37 large wildfires burning out here in the West - thankfully, none of them are burning in Colorado at this time.  I'll be seeing that crazy blue horse statue at the Denver airport on both Tuesday and Wednesday - taking Ba and Bob to the planes on Tuesday, and picking Lynn up on Wednesday.  I'm becoming very familiar with all of the construction zones along the highways between Boulder and Denver.
   The west coast of Florida will be affected by a huge Red Tide within the next two weeks - It's expected to cover the coast from Tampa Bay up into the Panhandle.  The algae bloom is 80 miles long, 50 miles wide, and was at a depth of 131 feet on Friday.  That's going to cause a big die-off of fish and marine life, as well as impacting the tourist trade.  Get ready for the Red Tide, Florida!  (And it ain't 'Bama's Crimson Tide, either!)
   A fantastic find of prehistoric bones is being carefully re-dug in Wyoming.  The Natural Trap Cave was first found in the 1970s, and, now, with the advances in science, the bones are being sent out to various universities in the US and Australia, to study the DNA found in the bones and some of the still attached tissue and ligaments.  I'm looking forward to the findings!
  Today, the big news in Colorado is that a single winning PowerBall Lottery ticket was sold in this state, in the town of Rifle.  The Kum and Go gas station/store sold the only winning ticket, and it's the only one that's ever been a winner in Colorado.  It's a "first," according to the news.
   Tonight is another Super Moon night - hopefully your skies will be clear this evening and tonight for your viewing pleasure!

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