Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Disappointed With Gotham

I was looking forward to the first episode of the new season of Gotham with anticipation last night.  I came away disappointed.  I realize that there are quite a number of characters to follow, now, on Gotham - but the first episode skipped around so much and dealt with so many issues left hanging at the end of the season, that it seemed as if the writers/story tellers just cuffed up a pair of pants and headed off for the next pattern and cloth.  The death of Miss Peabody was not unexpected, but the whole scene seemed rushed - as did most of the other scenes.  It was not a glorious season premiere.  And I greatly dislike the new female character - the reporter.  The whole show left a bad taste in my mouth last night.  If the next two episodes are not better than last night's, I'll stop watching the show altogether.
   I'll watch the two shows from tonight during tomorrow afternoon - I need to see if NCIS will continue to be worth watching, and I need to check out Bull, Michael Weatherly's new show.  Thursday night will find me watching The Blacklist, and Friday night I'll see Blue Bloods.
   My most impatient wait is for the next episodes of Vikings, which won't begin until 30 November.  I've read translations of the eddas, so I don't believe I'll be too surprised...  But I have to admit being delighted that Bjorn Ironsides has contracted with Floki to build the new boat to explore the "Inner" (Mediterranean) Sea.  Michael Hirst, the writer for Vikings, is keeping me very happy.

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