Sunday, October 9, 2016

Presidential Town Hall Meeting (Debate?)

Well, it was at least interesting, watching Donald Trump prowl around like a caged wild animal while his opponent, Hillary Clinton, responded to the questions asked by audience members and the two moderators.  I don't think that Donald Trump responded directly to any questions asked, except two: "Have you ever done those things?", "No, I have not." - in regard to his "hot microphone" comments from 2005 describing himself grabbing women by their genitals and kissing them without permission; and, Anderson Cooper asked him if he used the tax law, after claiming a $916 million loss, to avoid paying personal income taxes for 18 years or more, Trump said, "Of course I do.  Of course I do."
   Clinton seemed pretty quiet, almost reserved, at most times during the debate.  Donald Trump spoke as if he had been given a massive dose of tranquilizers - no yelling tonight, though he frequently spoke over and across Clinton when she was making her replies. He also spoke over the moderators a great deal - both male and female.  His loud nasal sniffing was also quite apparent when breathing during long sentences, and inhaling prior to speaking.  Does he need an oxygen tank?  Or has he been sniffing too much cocaine?
   Several audience members, voters who were undecided, were on the stage to ask both candidates a series of questions regarding their views and outlooks on subjects the audience felt were important.  Trump side-stepped almost every question, and wandered into other areas that he wanted to speak about.  Clinton tried to answer the direct questions, and wandered occasionally.  A Muslim woman asked how they would make her life easier when they were in office, if elected, with the growing tide of Islamophobia.  An African-American man asked if they would be devoted to protecting all citizens of the United States.  A man asked about energy resources and job safety.  A man asked about tax reform.  An African-American female teacher asked about the demeanor, speech, and actions of todays' candidates, considering that a lot of school children were asked to watch the news regarding the Presidential candidates, as well as the debates.  And a man asked what one thing did the candidates like about each other.
    Clinton answered the questions posed to her; Trump answered three of the hundred that were asked him.  (The two I listed above, and the last question - he likes that Clinton is a fighter.  Clinton likes Trump's children.)
   During the evening, Trump called Clinton a devil, and stated that when he's elected, he'll appoint a Special Prosecutor and have her arrested and thrown in jail because of her e-mail scandal.  He stated that she's now blaming Abraham Lincoln for her own troubles... and that "Honest Abe never told a single lie."   He did.  Well, few people know that Abraham Lincoln was a victim of spousal abuse, either.  Mary used to beat him with a broom, and he appeared at his law office in Springfield with black eyes and bruises...  But Trump would never admit that.

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