Monday, October 24, 2016

TV, Books and Rosie

I finished watching another episode of Gotham...  the latest episodes are much better than the first two of this season, but I still don't like the reporter, Valerie Vale.  Benedict Samuel was perfectly cast as Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter; and I am truly enjoying his performances.  Poor Penguin!  Finally deciding that he loves Ed Nygma, and then Ed meets a doppelganger of Kris Kringle - Penguin will be crushed, I'm sure...
   Also enjoying The Blacklist this season.  I want to know what happens to Mr Kaplan, since she is chained to the foot of her iron bedframe...  And I just wish they'd find Agnes and get her back to Elizabeth, so other stories will continue...  I have to admit that I don't care who Elizabeth's father really is - Red or Kirk.  I absolutely love James Spader, but the rest of the characters, other than Dembe, are becoming a real drag.
   Just finished reading Boar Island, Winter's Child, and The Obsidian Chamber.  Have started on The Legacy of Gird, then have three more Eight Kingdoms novels ready.  After that, I'll need to visit the library again.  -  I've lived at this address for over a year now, and have received books from every club that I'm a member of.  I was, therefore, quite surprised that my last order was, somehow, sent to my previous address.  I received confirmation that it was delivered, and declared it missing; then actually looked and saw that it had been dropped off at my old address.  Of course the new tenant and the management claim to have never seen the package of books.  I'll have to order them again, and pay for them again, since they were to be Christmas presents...   I can't believe that I was so stupid as to not be certain that my shipping address was correct.  Now I double-check it each time I order anything.
   And I move in with Rosie on Wednesday...  We'll have a blast together, and I'll make certain she's comfortable and happy...   She's such a wonderful girl.

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