Sunday, November 27, 2016

American Football

Saturday would have been a huge football (American) day for me, but since I no longer have any favorites to cheer for, it's kind of dull.  I grew up supporting the Florida Gators, and I graduated from there, and I love the Gators - but since Tim Tebow graduated, none of the coaches nor individual players have been able to arouse my football competitiveness.  I guess that Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Errict Rhett, and Tim Tebow spoiled me...  Yesterday the Gators played their arch-rivals, the Florida State Seminoles, and I was bored.  First, I was upset, as always, by the 'Noles' use of "Chief Osceola" on an Appaloosa horse as their school character. I also knew that the Gators were on their way to Atlanta, to vie for the SEC Championship.  And, I don't think the Gators are that good this year...  Their play is extremely uneven, and while the defense is good to great, the offense stinks.  So I wasn't very surprised when the Seminoles won the game.
   The Colorado Buffaloes, on the other hand, have been this year's surprise team, and by defeating the Utah Utes, here in Boulder, last night, they won the Pac-12 South Championship, for the first time since they joined this conference.  But, again, even though I live here, I feel no connection to either the coaches, or any of the players.  It's a weird feeling for me - I've followed college football for 45 years, and now I just don't care.
    And it's the same for our professional football teams this year - there is no one player, or any coach, that really interests me.  There are a lot of players that I completely dislike - mainly those that have gotten away with rape (by paying off the women involved), and there are two players that are quarterbacks that I simply dislike, period - for any and/or all reasons - they just "rub me the wrong way."  So after 45 years of Friday night through Monday night football games, I find myself adrift - nothing to watch or talk about - other than my obsessions with genealogy, history, and horses....  Oh, well.  I guess that's enough to keep me busy and out of trouble...

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