Friday, November 11, 2016

Dry Colorado

We did some odds-n-ends shopping yesterday - got a small Gorilla step-ladder (since I'm vertically challenged), and a stud finder, plus batteries.  I purchased a small niger seed feeder for our frequent visitors, the gold, house and purple finches, and I also bought a suet feeder and a couple of suet blocks for colder days.  I also need to refill our hulled sunflower seeds bucket, even though the birds have slowed down their feeding rat, at the moment.
    We had the second driest October on record, and we've had no measurable precipitation so far in November.  Grass fires are becoming common because of the drought.  Yesterday, Rosie and I surprised an 8-point buck and a doe drinking in the back yard irrigation ditch.  The birds aren't consuming as much seed from the feeders as they did last year...  but the grasshoppers are plentiful.  Snow has fallen in the high mountain areas, and you can see snow on top of Long's Peak - but the snow is staying above the 10,000 foot mark.  Boulder is 1,000 feet higher than Denver, but, even though we had a couple of frosty mornings, we've had no rain or snow.
    We've had several high school protests regarding Trumps' election, as well as protests on the University of Colorado campus, and several nightly, peaceful protests by the public at large.  It's worrisome.

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