Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

I'll be very happy when the date rolls over to November 9.  Colorado sent out their ballots through the mail on 17 October, and I promptly filled mine out and dropped it off at the Elections Office.  I really wish that had removed my telephone number from the calling list.
    We received a new telephone number in July of last year.  Since that time, we have been bombarded with calls for four previous number holders.  One man is named Jonathan Hall; then there's a woman named Selma; and two other females who have lived in Denver.  Three of the four were registered Democrats, and one was a Republican.
    I have been receiving automated "please vote for..." calls for all four of those persons.  I have to admit that I was freaked out when I picked up the phone, and got a voice saying, "Hi, I'm Ivanka Trump..."  I unplugged the telephone last night when I received 21 calls in 70 minutes.  I couldn't concentrate on my research.
   And I believe the worst thing is that with the system I use, if a voice message is left, I can not erase, or silence, the message until it has finished playing all the way through...  That's a real hardship for me!
    At least there will be no more "Get Out the Vote" calls for two years...  and, maybe, by then, the previous number holders will have gotten new numbers set in place.
    Here's to America - and a new President!

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