Sunday, November 6, 2016

VOTE Monday or Tuesday!

Today is a nice, relaxing Sunday...  Do whatever you normally do - go to church, watch football, visit family and friends, have a picnic, go for a walk or hike, even go for a drive (like my family used to do - let's see where this road goes...).  Relax and enjoy yourself.
   Monday, if you live in a state with early voting, go to the polls and cast your vote.  If you don't live in a state with early voting, go to your precinct and vote on Tuesday.
   Remember a few things:
1.  Your employer must allow you time off to vote.
2.  You can NOT vote by texting.  You must fill out a ballot in person.
3.  No one is allowed to intimidate you, inside, or outside, the precinct.  Report any threats or intimidation to your local police or sheriff's office, as well as your voting officials.
4.  Vote for YOUR choice.  Follow your heart and mind.  Do not allow another person to influence YOUR decision.
5.  Who you vote for is confidential - unless you tell someone how you voted.
6.  If you have any questions, call your local county or city elections office.  Non-partisan personnel will answer your questions regarding where to vote.
7.  If you are not yet registered to vote in this election, call the elections office and see if you can still register to do so.

Please vote!   Many people in many countries around the world are not even given a chance to vote for their leaders.  Americans have the right to vote for the leader they choose.  Use the right to vote as your  own secret weapon...  And remember all of the men and women, of all colors and religious faiths, who have given their lives to make your vote possible.

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