Monday, December 26, 2016

The Newly Elected President

As with General Cornwallis and his men at Yorktown, Virginia at the end of America's Revolutionary War, we have seen "the world turned upside down."  I'm speaking of the unbelievable Presidential election win by the Republican Party candidate.  I fear to find Armageddon will arrive on 21 January 2017, the first full day of his Presidency.  The man still scares the beJesus out of me.
   My roommate and I have decided not to refer to this man by name.  We refer to him as either "the Circus Peanut" or "Trumplethinskin."  The first choice is because (a) he looks orange - don't know if it's a bad spray-tan, or a horrible reaction to a tanning bed or just outrageously poor make-up; (b) too many of them will make you ill; (c) they are pretty cheap; (d) they are not unique - you can buy them by the bag almost anywhere; and (e) his head carries a peanut-sized brain.  The second name, does, unfortunately, contain his surname, but we just can't help but feel that it's extremely accurate - he  most definitely does have a thin skin.  All of his Tweets indicate a person who has an astronomically huge ego, but is still very much an immature boy, who speaks before thinking, and thrives on planning revenge for any perceived personal snub.  Rumplestiltskin kept the maiden a captive in the tower to spin straw into gold to make him rich. Trumplethinskin believes that he can do anything he pleases to any female - all he has to do is pay them enough, or threaten them enough, to keep them quiet.
    This person has zero respect for anyone who disagrees with him, or who can get the better of him in any type of contest.  He is a sore loser, and a sore winner. Nothing satisfies him.  He won't listen to intelligence briefings before becoming the sworn-in, actual, legal President - he says he already knows that stuff and he doesn't believe what's being reported anyway.  "Let's have an arms race," he says.  Russia is the only country that has more nuclear devices than the United States has - what is he thinking?  Is that how he plans to bring new jobs to the country?  Is he going to try to have a draft for the Armed Services - and, if so, will his children and grandchildren be included?
   This person has no political background.  Yes, he has been a "businessman" for quite some time.  I can't call his businesses successful - he owes more than 90% of his much-touted wealth in investment and other business deals; he's declared bankruptcy multiple times to re-organize, or kill, businesses that are not turning a profit.  The man has broken the law and paid 'inconsequential' government fines for breaking the law, and he continues to do so.  (I say 'inconsequential' fines because he pays tiny fines in proportion to the illegally made monies.)
   His chosen Cabinet members, so far, also scare me.  They seem to represent people with great racial hatreds, with ties to the Ku Klux Klan, to white supremacists, to Neo-Nazis, and to armed militia groups.  He's still talking about a ban on Muslims and other religious beliefs.  It seems as if he's a little boy, poking an ant-hill with a stick, just to see how roiled he can make the entire colony....
   He truly frightens me.  He is trying to side-step Constitutional laws - seemingly because he doesn't believe they could possibly apply to himself.  He wants to run the United States of America, and run his own businesses as well, make deals with foreign countries, and have his sons and daughters help him decide what to do when, and with whom.  It is illegal, as the duly elected President of the United States, to do any of these things.  May the Gods above have mercy upon us Americans once President Obama leaves office.

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