Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Alternative Facts"

The past week, and even this morning, have been interesting, to say the least.  The main item that made me yelp with laughter this morning was Kellyanne Conway's comment on "Meet the Press" that White House spokesman Sean Spicer had given "alternative facts" out during Saturday afternoon's news briefing.  Of course, Spicer was commenting on how huge the crowd size was for Friday's Inauguration - the number of people who were there in person, and who viewed it on television.  Both Spicer, and the Circus Peanut today, made statements that the Inauguration had the highest number of viewers (both in person and on TV) that had ever occurred.  Well, let's check a few numbers: television viewership of the Presidential Inauguration was 30.6 million this year; 20.5 million for Obama's second Inauguration; and 38 million in 2009 for Obama's first Inauguration.  Hmmmm.  Somehow, 30.6 million in 2017 does not appear to be larger than 38 million in 2009. - But wait - Maybe it's those "alternative facts"....
     On Twitter today, the Circus Peanut stated that he received several standing ovations when he was speaking to people employed by the CIA yesterday.  The CIA employees who attended the address were standing in a hall with no seating available - of course they gave the person speaking "standing ovations" - there was no place to sit.  I heard most of his speech yesterday at the CIA Headquarters, and it was appallingly narcissistic; not a word about the Wall of Stars he was standing in front of, less than a minute about the CIA itself, and the rest about him.  Pathetic.
   If the White House is going to be pushing "Alternative Facts" at the American public - there are several things that we, as citizens of the United States and of the world must do.  We cannot complacently follow their instructions, or we will cease to think.  We cannot allow our leaders to change history - at this rate, we will be told that the Holocaust never occurred; that the bombing of Pearl Harbor was just a bad, shared dream; that our country never achieved independence; and that we must bow down to Mother Russia as the source of all good....
    Waiting to see what will happen next.

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