Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This and That...

Our local wildfire, in Sunshine Canyon, is completely contained, and evacuation orders have been lifted.  No loss of pets or people, no loss of homes - but I'm afraid that nests, burrows, and wildlife were lost...  And there was a fiery public bus crash yesterday in Boulder yesterday; one of our friends has been charged with "careless driving."  We wish Rich the best outcome possible.
   Seek, the Spangled Bengal, with bone cancer in her jaw, is doing a little better.  I'll go spend time with her tonight and Thursday while her Mom is teaching art classes.  Seek eats well for me, and likes to be a lap cat while I'm visiting.  Then I take clients to Denver International at 4 Wednesday morning; Seek again Thursday evening; a quick visit with Pip and Squeak's people on Friday morning; and care of the chickens and cats on Dellwood begins Saturday afternoon...   But no Rosie (sigh) - I know she's in a better place where all parts of her work, but I miss our daily outings.
    In the Kentucky Derby picture, things are getting more cloudy as time goes by and the race gets nearer.  Mastery would probably be the betting favorite today - but he's out of the picture for any spring or summer racing.  The colt won the San Jacinto Stakes by almost 7 lengths, under a hand ride by Mike Smith; 10 strides past the finish line, Mike felt the colt change his movement, and pulled him up.  The colt had suffered a condylar fracture of his left fore cannon.  He's had surgery and is back in his stall in Bob Baffert's barn.  At the moment, Gunnevera has the most points earned for the Kentucky Derby; but a lot of folks are talking about Malagacy's win this weekend in the Rebel Stakes.  Here's the list of the horses with the most points:  (1) Gunnevera,  (2) Mastery - out with broken leg, (3) Tapwrit, (4) J Boys Echo, (5) Malagacy, (6) Epicharis, (7) Girvin, (8) Mont Saint Legame, (9) Practical Joke, (10) Untapped, (11) Classic Empire, (12) El Areeb, (13) Gormley, (14) State of Honor, (15) McCraken, (16) Iliad, (17) Sonneteer, (18) Adirato, (19) Cloud Computing, (20) Wild Shot, (21) Caucus, (22) Guest Suite, (23) Petrov, (24) Lookin At Lee, (25) Term of Art, and (26) Uncontested.  Many more colts have ten points or less; Gunnevera, the leader, has 64; and only 20 colts will start in the Derby on 6 May.
   Spent part of yesterday listening to the House Intelligence Committee asking FBI Director Comey about the current administration and Russia...  Things are getting very interesting.

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