Thursday, June 29, 2017

Here and There, Bits and Pieces

I am going to try to get back into the habit of blogging daily again.  I have jobs through the end of July, but nothing yet in August, though I'm sure that a few of my regular clients will suddenly remember that they haven't yet scheduled me to cover for their vacations.  I've been busy trying to keep up with all the new foals on the southern end of Assateague, taking care of multiple houses and the attached critters, working on three families genealogy, trying to keep up with the news, and reading for pleasure.
    I stopped in at the pharmacy yesterday to pick up my anxiety/high blood pressure medication, and received quite a surprise.  I normally get a 90 day supply of 90 50mg tablets four times each year.  Yesterday I was given 30 tablets, and was informed that the pharmacy would not have them in stock again until September - and that I needed to contact my MD and ask to try a different medication.  I just checked for shortages of the medication, but could find none.  I will be calling another pharmacy to see if they have the same problem, and, if not, will transfer my prescription to them.  If there is a shortage of this very prevalent beta-blocker, I want to know why it wasn't recognized sooner - and I guess I'll need to call my MD.  But this has me quite upset, which isn't good for my blood pressure, nor my anxiety.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
   My wonderful 2-year-old Chincoteague filly, Surfer Princess, has apparently settled in with Tornado Legacy's herd.  Legacy is a buckskin pinto, and the Princess is a rich copper color.  I'm hoping she won't have a foal until the summer that she turns four, but I can't control Mother Nature.  Her dam, Surf Queen, has finally settled in Hoppy's herd.  Hoppy is the nickname of Effie's Papa Bear, and he is a 15 hand bay stallion with no markings, not even a brand.  On Monday, June 26, Surf Queen had a half-sister to the Princess - another gorgeous filly, solid bay with three white anklets below her fetlocks and a black right hind.   And I think her legs are longer than the Princess's were...
    At the moment, we're sitting at 60 foals born in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  There have been, so far, no new births reported since Surf Queen on Monday - but today might bring new sightings - and there have been three deaths.  One of the deaths, perhaps, might have been prevented - the mare White Saddle lost her foal last year to the marsh, and the same thing occurred this this year.  I am going to ask the Pony Committee to, next year, take her and her newborn to one of the farms on Chincoteague, so that White Saddle won't lead her baby where it should not go again.  The other two deaths were due to a massive infection incurred at birth, and to a congenital leg abnormality.  I'll soon start posting photos of all the foals born so far this year, in order of birth.
    Despite the snow melt making our local creeks run a bit higher than normal, our vegetation is very dry.  There was a grass fire that burned 3 acres yesterday because some idiot set off fireworks along the side of a road - in someone's hay field.  We had an adult black bear spend yesterday in a tree at the corner of 16th Street and Spruce Avenue here in Boulder.  It moved back to the open green space to the west of town during the night.  And an adult moose decided to visit the Flatirons Mall - at an 8-lane Interstate intersection the day before yesterday.  Wildlife officials had to tranquilize the moose, after which they trailered it to South Park, where they turned it loose.
   I am upset, and will stay upset, for as long as the Pompous Pricktator is in the White House.  I well remember that it took almost two years for Nixon to resign - and I hope and pray that this Putin-Sucker will not be able to hold out that long.  That oddly-coiffed creature is an abomination on this planet.  I would dance with joy if he and his cronies were suddenly dropped into Hell through a fiery maw that suddenly opened up beneath their feet!  That mass of orange crass is an ass.  Disgusting.

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