Monday, July 3, 2017

2017 Chincoteague Pony Foals 31 through 40

These are photos from different sources and people, some are copyrighted (mainly by Darcy and Steve Cole, owners of DSC Photography of Greenbackville, Virginia), some are not.  Copyrighted photos are always marked so.
   The names in quotation marks after the sex id are my personal names for the foals - of course, whoever actually purchases the babies will give them their registered names - but this helps me keep them straight....
   The photos are also NOT arranged chronologically - I just try to choose shots that give a good view of markings on each side, as well as a facial shot...   Sometimes a butt shot will be included because of bulls-eyes or tail markings - a half-color tail, or a tipped tail, etc...

#31 -  filly  "Fleck"      sire: Riptide:  dam: Lyra's Vega          10 May 2017

She has a map of South America on her nose!

#32 - colt            sire: Wild Thing; dam: Black Star            11 May 2017

#33 - filly            sire: Ace;  dam: Beach Baby                12 May 2017
Baby and Dad

#34 - filly  "Drake's Gambit"     sire: Puzzle;  dam: Duckie/Sweet Jane     12 May 2017

#35 - colt   "Bat Wild"        sire: Wild Thing; dam: JABATTA            14 May 2017

#36 - colt  "Omega Wild"      sire: Wild Thing; dam: Thetis            14 May 2017

#37 - filly          sire: Wild Thing; dam Summer Breeze                  14 May 2017

#38 - filly               sire: Hoppy; dam: Tuleta Star             15 May 2017

#39 - colt   "Henry"     sire: Maverick; dam: Marguerite                16 May 2017

#40 - colt  "Lil Saddle Tramp"     sire: Legacy; dam: White Saddle       17 May - 19 May 2017
       foal got bogged down in marsh mud; was lost

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