Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sandby Borg - A Few Corrections

I went back and re-read several articles regarding the archaeological dig at Sandby ring fort on the island of Oland in Sweden.  I want to correct a few items that I wrote in the two previous blogs, for the sake of accuracy.
   Two complete children's skeletons were found; one belonging to a five-year-old, and one belonging to a baby, aged about two months.
   The child's bone found under the elderly man was not a femur; it was a humerus - an arm bone.
And a few new things I noted: 
   The archaeologists report that in one of the houses, a "pile" of newly killed lambs were found. Due to this, they believe the killings took place in late summer or early fall.
   The articles give different numbers regarding the number of buildings inside the borg, but the general consensus is that it was a little over 50.

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