Friday, June 7, 2019

Foal 53 Is Here - Plus Photos of Other Foals In the CNWR

Foal fifty-three arrived on June 5, along with two others.  The 53rd baby is a filly out of Shy Anne (also known as Half 'n' Half) and was sired by (probably) Ajax, but possibly by Neptune.  (Neptune hasn't had any documented foals in about 3 years - he covers and breeds the mares, but no babies appear, so we believe that he's become sterile.) 

Foal 52 is out of Black Pearl and sired by Maverick - a solid black filly...

And some photos of the older foals...

Foal 4 - a filly is the first Misty of Chincoteague descendant born
in the wild on Assateague; out of Moon, by Don Leonard Stud II

Foal 7 - a buckskin colt; out of Miracle's Natural Beauty,
sired by Tornado's Legacy

 Foal 37 - a colt; out of Friendly Girl (aka Witch Kraft).
sired by Chief Golden Eagle

 Foal 39 - a filly born at the Carnival Grounds; out of Judy's Little Smooch,
sired by Tornado's Legacy

Foal 45 -  a colt; out of Randy, sired by Surfer's Riptide

Foal 50  - a colt; out of Poco's Starry Night, sired by Riptide

**  My thanks for the use of the above photos to the people and entities who took them!  **

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