Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lottery Dreaming

The Rs are on the way to the groomer's this morning, so I'll be exercising them this afternoon. Ooch is full of love and has spent several hours in my lap yesterday and today - he feels so frail: just bones under long, matted knots of hair. He'll let me groom him for 30 minutes, but that's his limit and I won't exceed it. Being twenty has its privileges, you know. Lovey and Banichi were upset when I left earlier than usual this morning, as they didn't get to go out and play; but they'll have an open door as soon as I get home, plus when I return from the Rs' walk later. I'm reading my last library book of 11 - it's James Lee Burke's take on Hurricane Katrina. I awoke around 4 this morning thinking that I could hear waves lapping against my window - of course it was only a dream. (And Lovey is a Katrina survivor.)
Speaking of dreaming, if I won the lottery (extremely low, next to nil, chance, I know!), I would like to buy my grandparents or great-grandparents house on Chincoteague Island - the originals are still standing, and I would love to own a piece of family history. Here in Boulder, my idea of the perfect home would be Alexy's - lots of windows and sun, and a huge backyard full of flowers, birds, squirrels, fox, and deer (and with a large patio, partially covered, from which one can view almost any type of wildlife). In Gainesville, I'd probably go with a townhouse or condo - but only if my cats are allowed. - I know, I'm blathering on about an impossibility.... But it's nice to have dreams....
I loved the colt Dixieland Band when he raced. I was impressed by his record as a sire - 117 Stakes winners - and I mourn him today. He was put down due to the infirmities of old age, at the age of 30, yesterday. He was a son of Northern Dancer and Mississippi Mud. He was a stupendous-looking bay and a great sire. He will be missed. ... I'll probably watch the Rockies' first home game on TV tomorrow, as I don't have anything better to do. I will be walking the Rs during the weekend, as their human grandparents are due in today, and we're hoping that my walks will keep the big, foolish, loving Irish Setters from knocking down anyone of the elder generation. (Rosie and Remy just get so excited and happy to see people....!) And I'll be getting used to my new Windows 7 system in my new hard drive... it should prove interesting!!

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