Friday, May 27, 2011

Festivals, Riding, Dreams

Folks are starting to show up in Boulder for the weekend's festivals. While walking this morning, I met folks who were here for the Bolder Boulder from Alabama, Michigan, Washington, Connecticut, and Nigeria. And a lot of vendors are already here for the Boulder Creek Festival, on top of our usual crowd for Saturday's Farmer's Market. I know that the Harvest House hotel behind me is really jumping - and someone was singing "Happy Birthday" at 5 a.m. this morning in the HH parking lot. I'll be heading over to walk the Rs in a few minutes, and then I'll spend a couple of hours with them Saturday night, while the family is out for dinner and the theatre in Denver. ** And I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that the half-price dog adoption offer is good through May 31 at the Boulder Valley Humane Society. **
The sun has been playing hide-n-seek this morning with the clouds. The kits are sunning on the concrete patio, and it's already 60 degrees out. I know that the weather here, in this little valley nestled up against the eastern flank of the Rockies, is hard to predict; yesterday, the western views were ever changing. When I was out walking, early, I could see the Indian Peaks clearly, with a few rocky ridges poking through the snow; the Flatirons were clear and crisp. When I left to walk the Irish kids at 9, the clouds had gathered and the Flatirons were invisible (let alone the Indian Peaks, 30 miles away), as were the nearest foothills. At noon, the Flatirons were visible, but the mountains directly behind them were being hugged by clouds. Throughout the afternoon, the clouds dropped and rose in height, so the vista was always different. - That's Colorado.
This is so silly - my horseback ride is almost 2 weeks away, but I'm excited. Where am I planning to ride? The business is Sombrero Ranch, and the place I want to ride is at their Allenspark location. If you're interested, you can see their website at: ; they offer all sorts of riding packages, hunting, camping and fishing packages, and just plain riding horse (or pack horse) rentals for the entire summer. If I had a place to keep it, I'd rent a horse for the summer! Gimme, gimme! I'm just like a little kid in a candy shop with an insatiable sweet tooth!
Got ten new books to read from the public library. I think I'm going to have to stop reading about Native Americans for a little bit - this morning, I was dreaming about being with the family tribe and being caught in a tremendous storm that started out as sand, and changed to snow. I awoke with a jerk, and Lovey meowed at me, and my response, without thinking, was , "At least we didn't have to eat the horses." Then I went back to sleep and starting dreaming about the Dineh (the Navajo) and the Yorbis (alien natives) on a world that Andre Norton created many years ago - and some Metis joined us and started up a fiddle competition.... Maybe it's a good thing that I visit my shrink on Tuesday!
Have a super weekend!!

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