Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little Snow

The snow total from yesterday was less than four inches. I'm disappointed. The sun is shining this morning and it's all of 17 degrees outside, with a windchill of 2. Lovey and Nedi ran out this morning, ran across the snow to their favorite tree, ran up it, jumped out of it, and ran back inside. I closed the door behind them. It seems our snow storm is causing a lot of grief over the middle of the country - blizzard conditions around the Great Lakes and tornadoes in the south, particularly in Alabama... That's not good. Right now the weather folks are saying we might get snow again on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning - that would be nice, but I'm not counting on it.
  I will head off around 9:30 this morning - I need to return two library books before walking Rosie. Remy will be getting another acupuncture treatment this morning, so Rosie and I will stretch our legs in a 5 mile walk. I'll have my Yak Trax on over my snow boots, and will hope for some sidewalk clearings. It wasn't until I had placed all the cubed ham into my soup yesterday that I realized I'd cut a piece of my thumb out, as well. Are you considered a cannibal if you eat a small part of yourself? All I can say is that the soup was wonderful, as usual - I found a half-cup of dried black beans in the cabinet, so it's Four Bean and Ham soup.
  I'm beginning to wonder if my MD was right to shut off my sugar intake... I don't have a glucose meter, but two hours after I had supper last night, I got so dizzy that I had to go to bed for the night. My supper was a cup of salad - baby spinach leaves, carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, grated cheese and slivered almonds, no dressing - and a cup of the bean and ham soup (no salt added to what was in the ham already; just water, beans, sauteed garlic, and coarsely cracked pepper) and the ham and beans are in 50% portions... Did I over-do the starch intake because of the beans? I don't know - if I'd had a glucometer, I'd have tested to see if my sugar was high or low... I guess that will go on my to buy list for the new year....
  If you're a close friend or relative of mine, you will probably receive a notification from Blue Mountain cards that you have received an e-card greeting. It's from me, it's real, and not a prank, and the card does not contain any virus or mal-ware. Since I'm running behind on so many things, e-cards were my easy way out of sending a real paper Christmas card through the US mail. My apologies. - But I hope you will enjoy the card I send you!

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