Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

It's still chilly outside - flurries have been falling in Denver, but I have yet to see any in Boulder. Nedi is out chasing squirrels and the raven family, while Lovey keeps talking in a very demanding voice, and wants me to ignore the PC and spend all my attention on her. The weather folks say we'll have light snow through 3 this afternoon, then clear for the night and tomorrow. My cold has developed into a nasty cough and I woke myself up several times during the night because my wheezing was so squeaky. Rosie and Remy had a good night, and thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast. I was a trifle surprised when I closed the door between the den and the dining room (we feed the dogs in separate rooms), and the knob assembly came off in my hand, with the other knob on the other side of the door also making a ker-plonk sound. At first, I couldn't get the rod of the assembly back in the door - and I was afraid I'd have to walk around the house in my nightgown and socks so I could use the key and get back inside the front door. I pulled up my big girl panties, got dressed, and went back to the door to try fixing it again. Bingo! I managed to fit the rod assembly back in the door just right, so I could open it; then I replaced the other door knob, and breathed a huge sigh of relief (my boots and house shoes were beside the front door, and I really didn't want to travel around the house in the snow and ice with only one pair of woolen socks on my feet).
  In horse racing, Corey Nakatani took a bad fall yesterday and is not riding today. No breaks, concussion, or contusions, but the horse he was riding fell over another mare that had broken down directly in front of them. Corey has a very sore body, but hopes to work the soreness out today and be back in the saddle tomorrow. .... Lord Avie, the oldest Eclipse award winner, passed away at the age of 34 in his paddock a few days ago. He won the Eclipse as the best 2-year-old in 1980. He tore a suspensory ligament before the '81 Triple Crown races, and missed them. He returned to the races in late summer and won a couple before re-injuring the ligament, and being retired to stud.
  The Broncos won handily yesterday, and have a first week bye in the Divisional playoffs. ... Coach Ryan of the New York Jets allowed Tim Tebow to touch the ball one time during the Jets last game of the season - and it was a simple hand-off. The Jets team, as a whole. disgusted me this season: why did they sign Tim Tebow to a nice contract, say they would tailor special play packages to use his strengths, and then keep him on his butt all season? Did they put him under contract so they would not have to play against him? I really don't understand the workings of their brains. It's very plain that Coach Ryan doesn't want Tebow to touch the ball - why not? I am just frustrated by this turn of events, and I can only imagine how Tebow must feel. ... It was great to see the Redskins defeat the Cowboys last night, also. Go, RGIII! Go, Morris! What a tremendous pairing of rookies! Good for Mike Shanahan! .... Tomorrow afternoon (after the Rose Parade) I get to see the South Carolina Gamecocks play; then Wednesday night it's time for the Gators to do their thing! .... Nice endings for most of the teams I cheer for.
  Since this is New Year's Eve, please do not drink and drive. Have and use a designated, non-imbibing driver. If you don't have enough respect for your own life, that's too bad - think of all the other folks out on the road and being careful tonight. Don't spoil the beginning of a nice New Year!

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