Sunday, June 9, 2013

Beaver Mountain, Here I Come!

I arrived as a separate entity in this world at about 3 in the morning, 57 years ago.  My parents were the only witnesses to my birth, as I decided to make my arrival before we reached the hospital.  I came into the world in the backseat of a 1949 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan, known in the family as "The Grey Ghost."  I sold her- - the car - in 1982 to a farmer who completely refurbished her.  She had been grey for 33 years; she's now a gleaming midnight navy blue - and she's still on the road.
  Today, my sister and I are going to drive up to Estes Park, and spend the morning looking in shops and art galleries. After a light lunch, we'll head into Rocky Mountain National Park, and check in at the Moraine Stables.   From there, we'll be on horses, riding to the summit of Beaver Mountain, and returning.  I'm taking my camera and hope to get lots of photos.  If Kathy and I can still walk, and are feeling half-way decent, we'll have dinner with Jim and the kids in Boulder.  If we're not feeling OK, we'll both be at home and in bed after a hot shower.  I think I can handle it - but we'll have to see.
  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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