Friday, June 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces, Today

If you're in the area of Norfolk, Virginia today (or this weekend), or on the Eastern Shore, I really recommend a visit to Cape Charles to see the Tall Ships.  I'd be there, were I not in the Rockies. Cape Charles, a deep water Harbor To Hospitality, presents a rare opportunity to get up close and personal as you explore the decks and meet the costumed crews of magnificent tall ships and encounter roving pirates, costumed re-enactors and all kinds of family fun throughout the historic town and harbor. In addition to public deck tours of three tall ships, visitors may book two hour day-sails on the Chesapeake Bay,enjoy delectable food, refreshing beverages, arts, crafts and collectibles vendors as well  as music and entertainment by local performers. This is small town, family-friendly America the way it used to be. ​Clamber aboard, explore these historic vessels, chat with the captain and crew, and let your imagination transport you back to the swashbuckling days of long ago.  Sing a rollicking sea shanty.   Kids may make and sail a model boat, get their faces painted, ride a pony or try their hands at hauling the yard-arm. Everywhere savor the succulent seafood and revel in the Bay's spectacular sunsets.  Participate in the Great Bay Run 5K race and 1.25 mile fun run/walk event on Saturday, June 15th! 
    On Tuesday, 5-year-old thoroughbred Animal Kingdom will endeavor to win the last last race of his career, before retiring to stud.  He has been training well in Lambourn, England for the one mile Queen Anne Stakes.  Why is this noteworthy, you ask?  Animal Kingdom won the 2011 Kentucky Derby, and has since won the $5 million Dubai World Cup.  The big deal is that the last Kentucky Derby winner to race at Royal Ascot was the great Omaha in 1936, 77 years ago. Omaha competed in the 2 1/2 mile Ascot Gold Cup, and tired badly.  I hope that Animal Kingdom will win, and make the US breeders a happier crowd.
   Odd news - A Texas breast cancer oncologist has been arrested for poisoning her lover's coffee with a toxic substance.  He complained it was too sweet, and she assured him it was just the artificial sweetener she'd used.......    A New Jersey man had a traffic accident immediately after suffering a heart attack while driving his car.  He received three tickets for violations. His doctor wrote a "please excuse my patient" note, but the judge ruled the driver must pay the ticket charges.  ....    And, in Utah, a man who allegedly raped a woman, swore under oath, that he had penetrated her vagina "to save her life."  -  Excuse me?  Why? How could penetration of the vagina of an unconscious 29-year-old woman save her life?   Me-o, my-o....
   And, an update on the Colorado wildfires - the La Veta - Klikus wildfire is entirely contained, and is no longer a threat.  The Beaver Creek wildfire, which started with a lightning strike last night, is also contained.
The Fern Creek fire is still burning a small area in the Rampart Range; there is no containment. The Big Elk Meadows wildfire in Rocky Mountain National Park is 30% contained, and is currently burning through an area of trees infested with the pine beetle (which is actually good).  The Royal Gorge wildfire  is at 40% containment.  The last report I heard was that about 40 buildings had been burned down, but that the Royal Gorge Bridge did not have any structural damage.
   Two lives have been lost in the Black Forest fire, which is threatening Colorado Springs.  Yesterday, firefighters found the bodies of two people in their garage.  They were apparently about to enter their vehicle and leave when the fire flashed over them.  So far, these are the only known fatalities in any of the wildfires.  The Black Forest fire is only 5% contained, and, unfortunately, as usual, we're expecting high temperatures, low humidity, and brisk, high winds today.
   My thoughts and feelings go to those people displaced by this fire, their pets, and all of the wildlife that has lost their lives, their homes, their habitat, their everything...

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