Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bright and Sunny Sunday

Today is a wonderfully complete turn-around from yesterday -  bright sunshine, with just a hint of a breeze.  I had a great time yesterday:  Bea and I met our friend Carol in Lakewood and had a leisurely lunch and "catch-up session" at Mimi's Cafe.  We had a fantastic lunch, and the servers were fabulous.  Then Bea and I visited the Colorado Mills Mall.  It was the first time I had been there; I went in just to look, but ended up buying a new dress and black flats.  The dress was 70% off, and the shoes 20% off, so I got a very nice, fitted outfit for less than $45...  I guess it was just meant to be.
  Lovey and Nedi were very loving yesterday, and it has continued this morning.  Since the kits want at least one hand on them at all times, I'm scratching chins and petting fur with my left hand, and I'm typing with my right.  Cloudy and Shady have been super and were extremely well-behaved Saturday.  When I returned home from my shopping excursion, I gave them both catnip and they both were very high for about 30 minutes.  Alexy will return on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll be moving back to the apartment then.  (As much as I love Alexy's house and yard, it will be wonderful to be back in the apartment with my kits at hand all the time.)
  The American Triple Crown races were modeled after the British ones, and this weekend the British horses were racing at Epsom Downs.  Friday's Epsom Oaks was won by long-shot Talent, with Secret Gesture second, and The Lark in third.  The Epsom Derby was contested yesterday and Ruler of The World was the winner, with Libertarian placing second, and Galileo Rock finishing third.
   We have wildfires in California and New Mexico, tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, and flooding in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri...  It doesn't seem that Mother Nature is very happy at the moment.

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