Monday, June 3, 2013


Yesterday ended up being cloudy here in Boulder, while this morning, the skies are cloudless, but we have higher than normal humidity (for Colorado).  At least we're not suffering from tornadoes and flooding or from wildfires at the moment.  In California and New Mexico, however, the continuing drought is taking it's toll.  The Powerhouse fire, near Lake Hughes in California, has burned over 25,000 acres and is about 40% contained.  More than 1,000 homes are in danger, and more than 2,400 people have been evacuated.  And the territory burning in California hasn't seen a fire  since 1929.  There are two fires burning in New Mexico, with the largest being the Pecos fire, that has already destroyed 7,476 acres of Ponderosa pine.
  Europe, in the meantime, has flooding problems due to heavy rains.  A meteorologist in Austria stated they had more rain fall in two days than usually falls in two years.  Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic have all undergone flooding so far.  Slovakia and Hungary are preparing themselves for the onslaught of the water.  So far, the flooding has caused six known deaths, and eight other people are missing.
  And, if fires, floods, and twisters aren't enough for you in the US, go to Moody, Texas.  Over the weekend, a 62-year-old man was stung to death by an estimated 40,000 Africanized "killer" bees.  He was on his tractor, clearing some property, and hit a woodpile that bumped into an old chicken coop.  The bee expert who removed the swarm estimated the number of bees as at least 40,000.  Regular bees and honeybees protect their nests by stinging, but only 10% of their population will attack an intruder.  In a hybrid, Africanized hive, every bee except the queen will attack.
   Finally, looking at Saturday's Belmont Stakes:  It has been decided that Orb, the Kentucky Derby winner, is working well enough to be entered in the third leg of the Triple Crown.  Two other definite contenders will be Will Take Charge and Oxbow, the winner of the Preakness.  Gary Stevens has been in Oxbow's saddle for the previous two races, and will be again on Saturday.  But this past Saturday, Gary's mount broke down under him during a race, and he suffered a fall, which caused him not to ride his mounts on Sunday.  He Tweeted trainer D. Wayne Lukas, reminding him that he fell a week before he and Winning Colors won the Derby, too.  Keep on riding, Gary!!

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