Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five of Seven Fires Still Burning

I'll start off with a complaint - it makes me crazy when the state or media decides to change the name of a fire - case in point: half of the media are calling the wildfire near La Veta, the "La Veta" fire; half of the media are calling it the "Klikus" fire....  With a lot of wildfires burning, I don't need any more mental confusion!
  Two fires are out or totally contained - a fire along a fence line in Aurora suddenly blew out of control yesterday, and destroyed five duplex homes, displacing ten families. There was also a small wildfire near Bergen Rock in Douglas County, which is now totally contained.  Thank goodness that there were no deaths or casualties in these fires.
   Actually, so far there are no known fatalities in any of the fires so far - that, of course, only counts human lives, not pets or wildlife.  The Big Elk Meadows fire in Rocky Mountain National Park began Monday afternoon and was caused by a lightning strike; it's size is currently estimated at 400 acres.  There is also a small (at this time, 10 acre) fire in the remote Rampart Range in Douglas County, along Fern Creek.
   The La Veta (or Klikus) fire is now 40% contained, and is estimated at 50 acres in size.
   The Royal Gorge wildfire caused the closing of the Royal Gorge Park, a junior college, and the evacuation of a federal prison in Canon City.  This fire is approximately 4,000 acres in size, and has burned several homes.
   The Black Forest wildfire has burned 7,500 to 8,000 acres, and has destroyed 60 to 100 homes.  An area of 24,000 acres have been evacuated, and the winds are rising again.

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