Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Horse Riding in Rocky Mountain National Park

It was 95 here in Boulder yesterday, and 97 in Denver, tying the day's high temperature records.They think we'll reach between 95 and 100 today.  I know it was 72 degrees at 6:45 this morning - and I never turned my fan off last night.  Looks like I'll be turning on the second fan today...  Considering the heat, Lovey and Nedi have been very snuggly, which is fine with me - when they get hot, they leave, or just move over a bit.  With the heat, Rosie and I have been starting our walks before 8 a.m., so I'm finished doing my daily work and am back at home by 9:30 - seems odd, right now.  But, in another week, it'll seem totally normal again.
  I had a wonderful time with my sister on Sunday.  First we drove up to Estes Park and wandered through a Hand Made arts and crafts fair, and made a couple of purchases, while admiring a lot of things.  Then we snagged a quick lunch at McDonald's, where I introduced Kathy to the mango-pineapple smoothie, which she really liked.  Driving in to Rocky Mountain National Park, we found that she qualified to buy her Life Time Park Pass for $10 - as opposed to paying $20 each time.  She'll never have to pay to enter a national park again; now, that's grand!  And we drove on up to Moraine Park and Hi Country Stables...
  Signing in there, we found that while 13 folks were there for the 2 hour ride, only Kathy and I were signed up for the 4-hour ride.  Our guide/wrangler was a girl from Blacksburg, Virginia, who is a junior at Virginia Tech, and is studying Equine Science (she'll be a vet).  Kelly, the guide, was riding Smokey, a black quarter horse.  Kathy and I were riding brother and sister horses - both were half-Belgian (the draft horse).  Kathy got Pinkerton (aka Pinkey), the pinto gelding, while I got Pal, the palomino mare.  We rode for over 4 hours, and only ran into four groups of hikers (all going in the opposite direction) - so it was just the countryside, the wildlife, the three of us Virginia girls and three horses.  It was sheer bliss - no phones, no radio, no music, no vehicular traffic - just the sound of horse shoe on occasional rock, birds, water flowing in the creeks we crossed, and the breeze in the trees.  I would love to spend every day of the rest of my life like that!
  Upon returning to Boulder, Kathy, Jim, Bea and I had supper at Turley's and laughed ourselves silly - or, rather. sillier than we already were!  We had a great meal, and enjoyed wonderful companionship.
  The only thing that "went wrong" was that Kathy lost her glasses.  She thought she'd had them on during the first quarter of the ride, and that they'd come off their neck strap while we were riding quite a ways out.  When we returned to the stables, I heard a crunch under my boot, and looked down to see I was standing on Kathy's eyes...  Don't know if I broke them, or just popped the lens out of the frame - a horse might already have walked over them - it was right where everyone mounts and dismounts...  But she had an appointment to get her eyes tested this Wednesday, and she had a spare pair, so it wasn't a truly awful thing.
More about the ride later this week...
The New England Patriots have signed Tim Tebow on as their third-string quarterback.  It's a two year contract, with the payment unspecified.  Josh McDaniel, who drafted Tebow as the Broncos' head coach, is now the Offensive Coordinator at the Patriots.  Tim showed up for mini-camp today.

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