Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Has Arrived!

The past few days, the weather folks have said today would be bright with sunshine and we'd have a high temperature in the mid- to upper-70s.  Guess what?  Completely cloud covered skies and a high, hopefully, of 62.  That's great for the skiers at A-Basin - but kind of yucky for me.  Bea and I are going down to Denver to have lunch with our friend Carol and her husband.  Really, there is nothing wrong with grey skies, but I just happen to prefer sunshine. - Speaking of sunshine, something happened to me yesterday that has not happened before:  I got motion-sick while sitting on a toilet in a house.  We had a lot of wind yesterday - constant wind - ans sunshine.  The bathroom I used has a skylight in the ceiling.  The leaves caused the branches of a tree to constantly shake, weave, and wave, making dancing shadows all over the walls and floor.  I went into the bathroom feeling great, and came out totally nauseated - by the shadows (not any odors!).  Strange.
   Cloudy begged for attention last night, and I gave it to her.  Shady has come to realize that I am the purveyor of the green goddess, catnip, and he comes to me twice a day for a good high.  Since he rolled off the table where his bed is located on the first day, I now give him his pinch on the floor.  The yard crew should come to mow the lawn today, and Filiberto, the gardener, said he'd also be at the house today.  I arrived home this morning to find the kits waiting for me at the door; they wanted to be loved and fed, in that order.  Both are outside now, checking out the squirrels and local bird families.  They are stupendously wonderful kits!  Sometimes they seem demanding, but they are just expressing their need for love...
  Next Saturday, the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown, will be run.  With Orb winning the Derby, and Oxbow winning the Preakness, there won't be a Triple Crown Champion, but at the moment, it appears that both colts will run in the Belmont.  + In other racing news, Frankie Dettori has been reinstated to ride, after a 6-month suspension for cocaine use.  + Former Godolphin trainer Mahmood al Zarooni, who had another 7 horses that he trains test positive for anabolic steroids, has decided not to appeal an 8-year suspension applied by the British Horse Racing Association.  + Today is the annual running of the Epsom Derby in England.  +  Unaccounted For, the 22-year-old stallion, who won the 1994 Jim Dandy and the 1995 Whitney Handicap, has died in Turkey.  He passed away May 29 from progressive ethmoid hematoma, which causes a destructive mass to grow in the nasal passages and sinuses.  He sired quite a few graded stakes winners, and will be missed.

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