Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Colorado Wildfires; Kudos to Jockey Mike Smith

I laughed myself silly last night - Bea and I watched The Return of the Pink Panther and Revenge of the Pink Panther.  Three and a half hours of almost non-stop comedy left me limp, but smiling.   Rosie was between us, on the sofa, and we were all laughing hysterically.  It was fun.  Rosie is definitely missing her family, and I'm missing spending time with my kits.  Right now, both Lovey and Nedi are out playing in the early morning sunshine.  And, I'll soon be heading back to spend the rest of the day with Rosie... she is very interested in Chocolate and Blackberry, Paulina's young rabbits, but so far she hasn't made any overt moves toward them.  And she and Boo are interacting a little more each day, which is good for both of them.
   Thank goodness for our professional jockeys!  During the Pegasus Stakes at Monmouth Park, jockey Mike Smith was riding Itsmyluckyday.  They were about to make a move on the leaders, when Mike felt there was something wrong with the colt's hind end - it just didn't feel right.  He pulled the colt up on the backstretch, and the horse seemed fine when he went back to his stall.  X-rays of the colt's pelvis, however, showed that the ilium had broken.  Because Mike Smith pulled the colt up, there is a very good chance that Itsmyluckyday will be able to return to racing within the next 6 months.  - And, it's official:  Animal Kingdom, winner of the 2011 Kentucky Derby, has been retired from racing.
   We have more wildfires burning in Colorado, and the Denver metropolitan area, which includes Boulder, is under an Air Quality warning.  Anyone who suffer from asthma, COPD, emphysema, or any types of breathing problems, are being warned to stay inside and not exert themselves.  This is due to the large amount of particulates from all of the wildfires burning throughout our state.  -  (1 & 2) The Big Elk Meadows fire is 95% contained and has burned 604 acres.  It is expected to burn until the first snow, as is the Fern Lake fire.  (3) The Royal Gorge fire is completely contained.  (4) The Black Forest fire is 95% contained, and has cost $8.5 million for fire-fighting so far.  Hot spots are still flaring up, and homes are still evacuated.  (5) The West Fork fire, near the Wolf Creek Ski Area, has burned 3,875 acres, and is less than one mile from the edges of the Rio Grande National Forest.  (6) The Ward Gulch-Rifle Mountain Park fire is 95% contained, and has burned 485 acres.  (7) The Lime Gulch fire, in Jefferson County, has burned 500 acres so far, is uncontained, and homes have been evacuated in a 3 mile radius from the initial report of the fire.  (8) The Wild Rose fire is burning in Rio Blanco County, and has burned 850 acres.  (9) The Bull Gulch fire is burning about one mile east of Table Mountain.  (10) The East Peak fire, near East Spanish Peak (and originally referred to as the Scout Camp fire), is burning in Huerfano County.  It has burned 350 acres, and was first reported by members at a Boy Scout Camp out.  The Camp has been evacuated, but there is no news as yet, as to whether the camping area burned over or not.

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