Monday, June 24, 2013

Twenty Wildfires Burning in Colorado

We have 20 wildfires over 100 acres in size burning in Colorado right now - four of the fires are fully contained, and, while still burning unconsumed fuel, are considered to be "out."  Two of the fires in the Rocky Mountain National Park are burning mostly beetle-killed pines and are being left to themselves, unless there is a serious flare-up.  There are numerous small fires every day that don't get mentioned by the media, unless lives or homes are lost.  It seems that most of our local, and imported, fire fighters are working 24/7.
 The largest fire is still the West Fork Complex, made up of the Papoose fire, the Windy Pass fire and the West Fork fire.  These three fires have now ravaged 75,150 acres, and there is still zero containment.  The East Peak fire has grown to 12,966 acres, or 19 square miles, and is now 10% contained.  All of the other wildfires have also grown; the Wild Rose is up to 1,070 acres, the Collins has increased to 380 acres, and the East Fork, Brush Creek and Derby Creek fires have all increased to slightly over 400 acres.  It's enough to make one breathless.
  I got up early this morning, took care of my kits, took care of the Redwood brothers, walked Rosie, watered flowers for folks visiting Turkey, and came home for breakfast.  That will be my morning routine through the seventh morning of June, excepting this Saturday and Sunday morning.  And next week, I'll add Maggie May into the mix...  The good ol' summertime...  Everyone travels.
   Lovey, Nedi and I are doing well.  Rosie still misses Remy, and now she is afraid of thunder and lightning, which she wasn't, during Remy's lifetime... That's a little peculiar.  Courtney, Chocolate and Blackberry's family made it home last night, as did Rosie's.  They were both very happy reunions.

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