Monday, November 30, 2015

Remembering Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was known as "the Ebony Venus."  Here she is in Venice with Russian ballet star Serge Lifar, known as "the Bronze Apollo."

Weird Dream About Rat Poop

I've commented before that I have extremely vivid dreams, some of which are due to my medications.  While flipping through the television channels the other day, I stopped and watched a few minutes of The Fifth Element along with The Mummy.  I think that's what tied this dream together - I was sitting on a toilet in a bathroom and reached for the toilet paper.  The last came off the spindle, and the tube kept spinning on the holder, making a strange hissing sound.  Then the ceramic tiles around the recessed holder began to crack, and hundreds of little black things seemed to leap out of the crack, and onto me.  At first, I believed they were bugs - like the scarab beetles in The Mummy.  The well between the toilet and the paper holder had already filled - in moments - and the stuff was still pouring out of the wall, covering my hand and arm, and beginning to cover my foot and leg nearest the wall.  Then I realized, with horror, that the crack had run up the wall and was beginning to run across the ceiling, with more of the little black things popping out, and raining down upon me.  I finally got to my feet and tried to run.  Then I realized that the black things were tiny triangular bricks, and each one of them had a carving indicating one of the four elements (from The Fifth Element) on them.  A moment or so later I realized that the black pellets were rat feces - but they smelled like sweet chocolate...   I ran like heck to get out of the house, which imploded, leaving no sign of the structure, but zillions of chocolate scented triangular rat droppings.....   Talk about weird.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Something Silly for Sunday

I've had Willie Nelson's "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" stuck in my mind for the past few days.  It won't go away.  So I thought I'd set up a bunch of old photos of cowboys - and government secret agents, too - and see if anyone can name each of the actors.  Some appear more than once, and there are two photos with two people in them but I only want the name of the one described in the caption.....  There are sixty people to identify...  How many can you name?  Identities are now posted, in order of appearance,  under the last photo.

The man on the left

The man closest to the camera

Who they are, top to bottom, left to right:
Sheb Wooley
Sean Connery
Cary Grant
Daniel Craig
Randolph Scott
Gary Cooper
Lee Van Cleef
Ken Curtis
Yul Brenner
Roger Moore
Paul Brinegar
John Wayne
Alan Ladd
Lee Majors
Clint Eastwood
Hugh O'Brien
James Garner
Doug McClure
Pernell Roberts
Rod Taylor
Stuart Whitman
Sean Connery
Henry Fonda & Ward Bond
Cameron Mitchell
Clark Gable
Pierce Brosnan
Ty Hardin
Burt Reynolds
Milburne Stone
Sam Elliott
Ben Johnson
Steve McQueen
Timothy Dalton
Gene Barry
Robert Fuller, James Drury, Bruce Campbell, Stuart Whitman,
Paul Brinegar & Don Stroud
Robert Fuller
Eric Fleming
James Drury
Henry Darrow
Yul Brenner
Alex Cord
Clint Walker
Audie Murphy
James Arness
Chuck Connors
Tom Selleck
Patrick McGoohan
Pierce Brosnan
Timothy Dalton
Julius Carry & Bruce Campbell
Sean Connery
Roger Moore
Gregory Peck