Friday, September 30, 2016

Assorted Photos - Assateague, Italy & People

Charmed finally had her baby - it's a girl!  

Actors on the set of  Vikings

Fall at the foot of the Dolomites

Tim Tebow's first day as a New York Mets player

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Living Room Furniture

We were disappointed in the lack of colors and choices while looking for new living room furniture.  Seems like everything was white, black, or a shade of brown, and more than half of everything was leather, faux leather, or vinyl made to look like leather...

Shopping for Furniture

I guess I've always been a little odd regarding my beliefs on furniture - I really don't care what it looks like, as long as it's comfortable.  I truly enjoy looking at beautiful houses, with elegant furniture, but for my own use, I want comfort and usability, rather than "a look."  The other thing that I really consider is the fact that I have pets - at the moment, two cats with their claws.  And cats always claw things - it's just their nature - and there is no reason in the world that would cause me to declaw a cat.  (Here, let me cut off all the ends of you fingers, up to the first joint...)  Because of this, I always want to sit and relax in/on any chair, sofa, love seat, chaise or lounger that I might purchase.  I have seen a lot of items that look marvelous, but are either hard as rocks, too soft, or provide absolutely no support for my lower back.  I don't want to waste my money.
  The other consideration for me, is that I am a short person - always have been, always will be.  I have a 27-inch inseam.  (I can buy pants that are cropped or Capri-style that fit perfectly as long pants.) The majority of furniture built today seems to be based on a belief that everyone in the United States is 5 feet 8 inches, or taller.  If I sit back in a "normal" chair or seat, my feet have no hope of touching the ground.  I sit with my knees bent at the edge of the seat, with my feet swinging in the air, and with 3 to 7 inches of space between my back and the back of the chair or seat.  It is not comfortable.  I have a low, over-stuffed reading chair that a friend gave me 10 years ago.  The fabric has faded greatly, and my cats have sharpened their claws on it.  It is usually covered with an afghan.  The same thing with my sofa/love seat; it was given me, and it's low and comfortable, and the cats have scratched the arms - that one is covered by a king-sized blanket.  I love them both, and they fit me well.
   In any event, my room mate is seeking a new sofa, or love seat, or large chair that will fit her proportions.  I'm 5 feet 1 inch, if I stretch; my friend Beatrice is 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall.  Two weeks ago, we found a dining room set that we both liked.  Now Bea is looking for a comfortable living room seat for watching television, or entertaining.  We have visited several "furniture warehouses" and Furniture Row; we have stopped in and looked in any shop or store that looked promising.  Yesterday, we booted up the PC and looked for "furniture stores in my area" in a search.  There were quite a few listed in our area, and, looking at multiple websites, we made a list of places to visit.  One store in Boulder showed 57 choices of fabric-covered love seats, as well as 43 suede or microfiber love seats.  We were quite disappointed to find the store had only 3 types of love seats on display, out of the 30 that I had seen.  Two of our last stops stated that the stores sold clothing, furniture and appliances.  The Sears store had only kitchen appliances; the Penney's store had clothing and kitchen appliances.  Neither had any furniture.
   Beatrice did see a settee that she liked very much at Pier One Imports, where we had stopped to look at Halloween and Thanksgiving items.  And there were a couple of interesting items in Home Goods, but, otherwise the day was a bust. We're just going to have to keep visiting the warehouses until they have something that Beatrice wants....

Monday, September 26, 2016

More Gallery of the Absurd Photos

(With my own captions...)

I'd be afraid to stick anything in that...

More cow bell!

Mary's family photo wasn't well received...

Make use of your extra coffee filters!

Bet the nuns found this a little interesting!

Everyone in the family knew why Johnny was smiling...

I don't even want to think about it...

Aunt Jane regretted her, "Polly want a cracker?" question.

I hope I never get one of these - but I know how the server feels!

First Presidential Candidate Debate of 2016

Apparently I can't keep my own word - after watching the first debate of the Presidential candidates for the election that will take place in 43 days, I just have to write a few things.  Tuesday, 8 November, is the day that most Americans will go to the polls and cast their single vote for their choice as the next American President.  There are actually four candidates in the running, but the two major party candidates, Democrat and Republican, will get the majority of the votes.  There is a small concern that quite a few Democrats may choose to vote for the two other candidates, and thereby lessen the Democrats chance of winning this year's election.  I sincerely hope that does not occur.  The two other major candidates did not have enough support in the Public Polls to be invited to participate in the Debates - so we had only Mr Donald Trump and former First Lady, former Senator, and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at the two podiums, facing an audience at Hofstra University, and the moderator, NBC national news anchor, Lester Holt.
   It was not a pretty debate. The moderator did not do his job.  I sincerely believe that the best way to run one of these debates is to have someone sitting in a booth, or at an audio board, who can turn off each candidate's microphone - whenever the candidate runs over their specified time limit, and/or whenever the candidate stops speaking about the current, announced topic.  That way neither candidate could interrupt the other - neither candidate could talk louder and louder to drown out their opponent - and neither candidate could interrupt, or ignore, the moderator.  I had entertained great hopes that Lester Holt would be able to control the candidates and moderate an intelligent debate.  Nope, couldn't happen.  Didn't happen.  I was disappointed.
   CNN did some quick fact-checking during, and immediately after, the debate.  It was found that in one instance that Clinton stretched the truth a bit, but was totally correct regarding the outcome of a statement.  Trump was listed as making a false statement eight times, and as stretching the truth four times, and being incorrect at the outcome.  I can't wait to see what else is found by the time I get going in the morning!

     I am driving a friend's car this week.  He printed his own bumper sticker and placed it on the rear of his vehicle - a rather large white rectangle (on a navy blue car) with black letters that read:
Trump - Putin
In the last three days, I have received 8 compliments on the sticker, and have had 31 people honk their horns and give me the thumbs up sign.  I've returned to the car and seen 8 people taking photos of the bumper sticker.  Yesterday, a man driving a Jaguar and wearing a pin-striped suit shook his fist at me.  And, while at the Credit Union today, I stepped back outside to find a man on his knees taking a photo of the sign.  As I approached, another man grabbed him by the shoulder and told him he needed to get out of the drive; the first man stood up, and pointed at the bumper, laughing.  A third man walked up, looked at it, and laughed.  The second man started pushing the other two men.  I walked up, and asked, innocently, "You guys like my bumper sticker?"  They all left, going in different directions....   And I got into my friend's car, shaking my head at folks who can't take a joke....

Vintage Advertising in Magazines

Sigh - It's Really Fall

I guess I have to admit that fall, or autumn, is actually here.  I wore a sweater this morning when I walked Lola and Cooper, as the 38 degree morning felt a little chill.  Of course, the temperature is supposed to rise back up into the mid- to upper-70s this afternoon, but I definitely needed my sweater earlier.  There's a cloudless, light blue sky outside my window, and the birds and squirrels have been partaking of their nuts and seeds in abundance.  I'll be heading off to walk Rosie in an hour or so, and then I'll visit the public library on my way back - one of the Inter-library loan books I requested has arrived, and I have two weeks to consume it, before it must be returned.
   Yesterday, Beatrice and I wanted to get away from Boulder, so we drove over to the town of Longmont and played tourist.  We wandered through the Old Town area, and we both purchased books at Barbed Wire, a new and used shop.  I found a copy of Carolyn Keene's Dana Girl mysteries that is based on Chincoteague Island - The Haunted Lagoon - and added it to my collection.  I've had several copies of the book, and gave the last copy I had to my cousins, Nancy and Aleda, on Chincoteague, when Nancy turned 13...  A few years ago, Aleda wanted to know if I still had a copy, and I had to tell her that I'd the books to her family, back in the 1970s and hadn't seen them since.  She was able to find a copy in the Chincoteague Public Library.  The edition I purchased yesterday was printed in 1959....
   Bea and I also wandered around the "Old Town" residential areas, and had a wonderful time looking at the older houses and how the current owners have made small changes to fit in with the times.  We saw a magnificent brick house that had been built in 1899 - the original wood floors and woodwork around the windows and all doors and passageways was intact.  It was gorgeous.
   After several hours of looking at the old neighborhoods, we drove a bit down the road and visited Prospect New Town in Longmont.  It's a newer housing enclave that started out on an 80-acre tree farm.  It combines all sorts of architecture and housing, but it's a quiet community with mature trees, great landscaping, wide sidewalks, community areas and play grounds.  You can choose between starkly modernistic buildings or more traditional architecture.  There are condominiums, town houses, row houses, duplexes and large single-family homes.  Some of the buildings have businesses on the ground floor, with homes built above... It's a fascinating and eclectic place.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Arapaho Tribal Leaders 1867 - 1873

Bird Chief     1867

Little Raven     1867

Powder Face     1867

Yellow Bear      1867

Little Raven holding Grass Woman, William Bent, Little Bear and Shield, sons of Little Raven     1869      (unknown soldiers above on roof)

Yellow Bear (l) and Little Wolf      1873

Plenty Bears (l) and Old Eagle      1872

A Fall Weekend

Fall has definitely arrived, with breezy weather and the temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than they have been.  The weather forecasters said we'd have a high of 58 degrees (F) today and it would be grey and rainy.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, there's an occasional breeze and the forecast for today's high is 70 (in Boulder).  We had homemade Belgium waffles this morning for breakfast, as well as some turkey sausage - I had juice and Bea had her coffee.  I was surprised when I arrived home this morning at 7:10 and saw Beatrice out on the balcony - usually she sleeps until 8 o'clock, or so.  When I got upstairs, I asked why she was up, and she said that Lovey had been talking to her.  As she (Bea) drifted awake this morning, she thought there was a small child in the apartment that kept saying, "Hello?  ...  Hello?"  The voice got closer, and she looked down and realized that it was Lovey.  I had thought it would be Nedi, but no - it was the girl.
   Cooper had a wonderful time yesterday, chasing the planes that were flying overhead, along with the gliders.  I'm thankful that there wasn't a home football game, or the whole neighborhood would have wanted me to keep him inside.  But he has a good time chasing the planes and barking - and doesn't run into the wooden fence too often.  Lola, the other dog, just sits and watches him act the fool.  Pounce has been having a fantastic time stretched out along my legs while I'm reading, or watching television.  Tipsi has been busy hunting - he's brought me six snakes in two days, along with one bunny, and a partially mashed frog (it looked like a bicycle had run over both hind legs).  I turned everything loose again, except the frog, which was too badly damaged to survive.
   The Gators started out well against the Tennessee Volunteers, but couldn't hold onto the lead yesterday, so the Vols beat the Gators for the first time in 11 games.  Mizzou had a huge blowout, and at the half, the teams agreed to play two ten-minute quarters to end the game.  South Carolina lost to the Kentucky Wildcats.  And, much to everyone's surprise, including my own, the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Oregon Ducks in an away game....   We'll have to see what happens with the Denver Broncos today....

Friday, September 23, 2016