Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy At Work

What a difference a day makes in Colorado!  For the past week we've been setting records for high temperatures, which have been running well over 20 degrees higher than normal.  Yesterday, we got up into the mid-60s, but the wind came in the afternoon.  This morning, when I got up, it was freezing outside.  We're supposed to reach the upper 40s today and tomorrow.  At least the sun is shining.  I walk the red kids every morning this week, and I feed the Thore girls (3 cats, 1 dog) Tuesday through Sunday night.  On Friday, I visit Karen to get instructions on caring for her crew, and on Saturday, I visit Rascal's family to get reacquainted. Sunday I move into the red kids' house, and will just be home for a couple hours per day through the end of March.  I'd take my kits with me, but Joel is highly allergic to cats, and Rosie and Remy believe that they (the kits) make a good meal.
   The Gators were my only team that made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tourney.  I had to laugh, because less than 30 minutes after the game was won, I was getting e-mails from the Gator Fanatic website offering Sweet Sixteen T-shirts.
   I mentioned yesterday's wind.  It was whipping along at up to 65 mph, and several grass fires occurred out on the eastern plains.  In Yuma County, a fire burned over 14 square miles, and destroyed at least two houses. Three of the fire fighters at that blaze were hospitalized.  It was dark and hazy here in Boulder and along the front range, but that was due to large amounts of dust and dirt in the wind.  We are short on our snow pack up in the mountains, and without rain, it looks like we'll be on water restrictions this summer and fall....
  I have really enjoyed reading The First Frontier, and have only 30 pages left.  Some of the statistics and documented numbers are breath-taking.  It's definitely a great read!  ...  Lovey is basking in the sun, and Nedi is here demanding love and attention.  Have a good week!

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