Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cats, Dogs, Genealogy

I spent a lot of time playing with Finn and Skippy yesterday, and in giving them both a second grooming. It was just too messy to take Rosie and Remy out, but today has dawned crisp and clear, so I'll be heading out for the red kids in a few minutes.  When I returned to my apartment last night, Lovey and Nedi attached themselves to me, and didn't want me to leave them.  Once I stopped watching a couple of programs and catching up on research and e-mails, I went to bed.  Lovey immediately bunked on top of my legs, while Nedi curled up on the pillow next to my head.  That's how we awoke this morning, too.  Right now, Lovey is on top of the cat tree and Nedi is on the patio in the sunshine.
  I didn't see VT yesterday morning, and just after I finished finished my blog, he knocked on the door.  He wanted to make sure I was OK, since he hadn't seen me.  We ended up calling his mother in Sochi, Russia, because I asked him a few questions that he couldn't answer.  She is a lovely lady to speak with, and VT tells me she was impressed with the questions I asked about Sochi. - Most of their conversation was, of course, in Russian; but she and I spoke English to each other.  Since I can only manage "da"and "nyet" in Russian, that was good.  She told him that he needs to bring both me and Brenda, his girl friend, back to Russia to visit.
  I was able to do some double-checking on some of my old information about Jim's maternal family while I was at Finn's.   One of the most interesting finds on line was an e-copy of  the Genealogy of the Family of Samburne or Sanborn in England and America, 1194 - 1898, written by Victor Channing Sanborn, and published in 1899 by the Rumford Press of Concord, NH.  It has a lot of very information regarding the older family members back in England, and how they accrued their lands.  I'm putting that info in the family tree as I go along.
  Need to get going - it's time to walk the dogs!

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