Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cool Day in Boulder

It's a glorious day outside - even if it is only 28 degrees out there.  The wind is not blowing and the sun is shining.  I'm content.  Both kits are sunning in the cat tree.  Right now, I have The Horse Soldiers on, and I had to grin at Ken Curtis leading John Wayne's horse - he's kinda cute in a cloth cap and without a scraggly beard.  VT isn't at work today, but he had a head cold yesterday, and had pulled a 12-hour shift on Saturday.  I hope he's at home recuperating.  Not much going on with the critters, or me. 
  Denver is in a tizzy, and every newscast begins with "Peyton's Place" or a "Manning Madness" headline.  Business is business.  Football is football.  Football is also a big business.  I like Peyton Manning - he's an older version of Tim Tebow with his charitable works, and in watching his tongue.  It seems the Broncos' front office has decided that Manning can give them a guaranteed Super Bowl win "before his career ends."  There is no guaranteeing that.  I understand wanting a more experienced QB; I understand wanting to win; I understand that Manning means $ in the Broncos' pockets - but, I still like Tim Tebow more.  How about giving a young man a chance to grow?  -  I have to admit I'm going to watch the live news conference at 1 (MDT) today, that presents Manning as "the Broncos' new quarterback."  But I'm also wondering how Tim Tebow is feeling, and what the Broncos' have in store for him.....  And I keep replaying (in my head) a little snippet from a John Elway interview in January, where he said, "Tim Tebow has earned the right to be starting quarterback in Spring Practice."  Will you follow up on your words, John, or brush them aside, and say, "it was different then"?

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