Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Day of Saint Padraig

Most people will be wearing green today to celebrate the Irish and St. Patrick's Day.  Padraig was a well-born British-bred teenager, who had no interest in religion when he was kidnapped in Wales and sold into slavery.  He was a slave for 7 years in Ireland, learning the Irish Gaelic language, herding sheep, and farming.  He became a convert to the Irish Christian church, and one day, ran away and returned to England.  He studied with priests in England for several years and then returned to Ireland to convert the masses.  At one point in time, trying to explain the idea of the Holy Trinity, he picked a clover leaf, or shamrock, to show that while the leaf had three separate lobes, it was still a single entity.  He was respected in the northern areas of Ireland, and tales of him spread through the southern part.  He died in the late 400s, and was buried in Armagh.  March 17 is the official feast day of St. Patrick, which has become a world-wide celebration of being Irish.
   My kits have been very happy to see me when I've been able to stop by the last two days.  I'm getting used to hearing Mona's tags jingle throughout the night, but will sleep better back here with the kits.  Mike is due home sometime this afternoon or evening, and I can return home.  Kathy and Jim are off in Moab, running in a marathon and half-marathon today.  They'll return tomorrow night.
   Three of my four college basketball teams have advanced in the NCAA March Madness tourney, so I'll be rooting for the Colorado Buffs today and the Florida Gators and Georgetown Hoyas tomorrow. I hope they all get to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight groups....

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