Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fire Tuesday

It was awfully windy yesterday afternoon and evening.  There were multiple wildfires in Boulder County, along with fires in other counties.  The worst is outside of Evergreen, about 25 miles west of Denver (the area that Diana Mott Davidson writes about in her Goldie's catering mysteries) - one person has died in the fire, several homes have been burnt, and the fire is still completely out of control.  All of the fires in Boulder county are at least 60% contained.  We're expected to be hot, dry and windy through Saturday (with an estimated high of 80 on Sat.); but only 62 on Sunday...  In any way, it's fire danger weather.  I can smell smoke right now....
  I've been having a good time with Rosie and Remy; currently my kits are outside playing in the sun.  Rascal and I have been playing chase with each other, and I've given Brandi a lot of attention.  Today I add Oly, Annie and Bentley into the mix.  Oly had a cast put on her foreleg yesterday and is not happy about it - but her nerve sheath is torn, and the leg needs to be immobilized for the sheath to repair itself.  The hens gave me a dozen eggs yesterday - and there were five different colors of eggs.  Tinkerbell was asleep under the covers, as usual, when I visited her, and Twister came out for love and for his meds - he knows he doesn't feel "right" if he misses his "special food" that contains his thyroid medicine.
  VT has been doing such a good job of patrolling the shopping center next to my apartment that the landlords' decided to give him a week's paid vacation, to see what would happen.  Since he isn't in view, there have been 5 times the amount of calls to the local police about panhandlers, drunks, and merchants complaints against shop-lifters.  I guess he's a good "enforcer."  He'll be back at work tomorrow, or Thursday, he told me.  I've reached Stalin's death in my history of Russia, so I have about 60 years to cover before reaching the end of the book.  I have really enjoyed it.  (Especially when I read that, after the Allies had won the war, Stalin was to ride a white stallion in a victory gallop across Red Square. The horse threw him twice the morning of the celebration, and Stalin was quoted as saying,"F*** this!  Zhukov can ride the d*** horse!")  It's little things like this that make history come alive for me.

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