Friday, March 23, 2012

Next Week

Hopefully, I will have time to blog the next 9 days - but I don't know if it will happen...  I've got 4 to 8 houses each day that I'll be visiting one to five times each day for the next 9 days.  I just hope I don't forget anyone!  - I stopped at Karen's today to get an update on the crew at her house, and she finished with - "Well, that's about it, I think..."  I asked her if Twister was still on medication - which made her jump, because he is... and then she handed me his bottle and I handed it back and said, "It's labeled for Tinkerbell, not Twister."  Which caused more confusion...  In any event, I got things straightened out, and reminded her to purchase kitty litter before she leaves....   Another day, another dollar....  And then one person that I rearranged my schedule for, because she "couldn't find any one" to look after her pets, tells me she's got someone - so now I have to mesh with that person's schedule and do whatever he/she doesn't do....   Grrrrrrr.

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