Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running Around

It's been warmer than normal here, so I wasn't surprised that the bears are coming out of hibernation early.  The Dept. of Wildlife issued that warning Friday evening.   I spent last night with Brandi, did an early morning call on Rascal, and was at Rosie and Remy's by 7:30, so I could distract the kids while the family took their luggage out.  I was informed that Remy's mind now seems worse, as he forgets that he can actually walk up the stairs to the second floor; I'll probably just sleep downstairs to keep that at bay.  This evening I start in with the chickens, cats and gerbils at another house - one person has cancelled their travels due to illness, so I won't be as rushed as I thought I would.
  There was a mid-air plane crash close to one of the small airports out here around noon on Friday.  As soon as I heard of it, I called brother-in-law Jim to make certain that he was OK and not involved.  He picked up the phone on the first ring, and I was greatly relieved.  Two single engined planes, a Cessna and another, clipped wings. The 72-year-old female pilot of one was able to glide for over 5 miles to do a belly-landing just outside the local airport.  The other plane lost a wind and did a head-first spiral into the ground.  The 31-year-old pilot/instructor and the 64-year-old student were killed.
  Due to the warmth, dryness, and the wind (yes, it's back), we have had several small wildfires in grassy areas near roads; and, in one instance, sparks from train wheels on the train tracks ignited another. ....  This upcoming Saturday will see the running of the Florida Derby, and, for me, that one race signals the beginning of the "Triple Crown Trail."  ....  It has been decided to breed Zenyatta to Tapit this year.  Her Bernardini colt is an extremely handsome young man!  ....  Due to the unusual warmth of this spring, dolphins have already been spotted at the mouth of the Delaware River, where they usually appear in late May. ....  A second foal, a bay, has been born on the Maryland end of Assateague Island - this kid was unexpected, as the mare hadn't conceived in the last ten years.  .... And, finally, sadly, the Gators were beaten by the Louisville Cardinals in the Elite Eight play-offs, and didn't make it to the Final Four.  But, then, like football, it is just a game......

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