Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is nephew Mikey's birthday - 31.  It doesn't seem possible.  We'll be heading out to the KaYa Korean Barbecue in Westminster for his family supper tonight.  ....  It's still very windy here today.  I don't know if they will try to work around the wind up at Ned's Frozen Dead Guy Days, or if they will have to cancel the outdoor festivities.  ...  While it's windy, it's also warm.  We're hoping to reach the low 60s today and tomorrow.  It'll be a great day to walk Finn in the hills.  Lovey was outside when I packed my alarm clock this morning, so she isn't yet aware that I won't be sleeping at home tonight.  ...  Rosie and Remy were great on Friday, but, again, it was very windy.  ...   And, I started on Jim's maternal family tree, and almost immediately hit upon one of my favorite male names - Mephibosheth.  Was he always called by his entire name?  What sort of shorter nickname could be given him?  Meffi?  Bo?  Sheth?  (His last name was Samborne.)  So I'm once again embarking on a visit to old New England names...  as usual, I'm sure I'll have a ball!  ....  Lovey just came in off the patio and is laying on the bed - Nedi's on the patio, and I need to get him inside before I leave.   Have a good Sunday!

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