Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tebow Mania/Madness

OK, it seems to be a done deal this morning - Tim Tebow is a New York Jet.  The local news had a segment on this morning showing the dissension at a local grade school - half of the kids were happy to see Tebow go, saying, "He can't throw"; the other half were extremely upset that Tebow has been traded.  It was amazing to see these 3rd through 5th grade kids state their feelings (or are they mimicking their parents' responses?).
  I like Tim Tebow.  I think he is a very gifted, driven player, who sets a goal for himself and his teammates and works to make that objective viable.  He doesn't smoke, drink to excess, experiment with drugs, or denigrate the female of the species.  He is pretty articulate in front of the video cameras that are always pushed in his face.  He lets people see his emotions, and is not ashamed to cry.  He is a tremendous role model to young kids - and every adult male in the USA.
  Tim might have an unconventional throwing stance and mechanics - but he's a winner, on and off, the  playing field.  He cares about others - he cares about his family, friends, teammates, people who are less fortunate than him, the disabled, ...  the list goes on and on...  he is an all around GOOD GUY. I am sorry that he is leaving Colorado; I envy his new teammates.  In a way, I really wish he could have returned to the Sunshine State due to his leaving the Broncos.  It would have been great to have him be the quarterback for the Jaguars, the Buccaneers, or the Dolphins - just because they are Florida teams, and that's where Tim played high school and college ball.
  But, who knows?  Maybe he will beat Sanchez out for the starting QB position in NY.  Maybe he will be able to consolidate that team and lead them on to multiple Championships and Super Bowl victories...  We don't know the future.
  All I know is that I will miss him, and his always humble presence, in Denver.

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