Friday, March 30, 2012

Wild and Crazy

Wild and crazy, wild and crazy...  that's a great description of me at the moment.  So I'm staying at the Silvermans' with the Irish Setters; I'm feeding and watering and playing with and cleaning the potty boxes for (a) Echo on Tamarack Drive, (b) Rascal on Tamarack Court, (c) Ooch on Topaz, (d) Twister and Tinkerbell and Obsidian (a gerbil) on Topaz; I'm taking care of the hens at Twister's house -feeding watering, gathering eggs, etc; and I'm taking care of Oly, Annie and Bentley on Topaz.  (And Oly has a green cast on her foreleg from her elbow down past her paw.)  Now it seems that I'm also taking care of Boo and Mona, on Topaz.  I returned home this morning and had three messages from my sister, who seemed to be rather confused, as she kept saying that she and Jim would be back on Monday, the 26th; while today is Friday the 30th....    In any event, she and Jim and Mike are going to be away, so I'll have the Snow dogs tonight and tomorrow on top of everyone else.  Ay, yi, yi, yi..... At least I'm still able to spend a few minutes with my kits daily.  I currently have both Lovey and Nedi fur smeared all over my face and glasses - and I love them dearly.
  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Person of Interest last night.  I really like that show.  And I finished reading my history of Russia and am almost half-way through Intruder, the 13th book in the Foreigner series by C. J. Cherryh.  The only thing is, that once I start reading, I don't want to put it down... and I have a lot of obligations for the next several days.  *Sigh*  Oh, well...
  From listening to the 911 calls, I don't think that Trayvon Martin was treated fairly by the Sanford Neighborhood Watch guy.  I think he was shot because Zimmerman  (a) did not follow procedures, (b) freaked himself out, and (c) confronted the young man with a drawn weapon.  That young man did not deserve to die.   And I'm also outraged by the 29-year-old woman who had a sprained ankle and went to the ER, where she was 'sent away' and when she protested, she was arrested.  Blood clots from the ankle sprain killed her while she was in a jail cell....   Both of those unwarranted deaths make me angry with today's culture, rules, and regulations.
  And, finally, Kyle Dyer, the KUSA (NBC) news anchor in Denver will be returning to work on Monday, after time off to recover from the bite of a mastiff (live, on air) that split her nose and upper lip, and removed a section of her lip.  She has had two plastic surgeries to help rebuild her nose and upper lip.  -  Welcome back, Kyle!

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