Friday, March 9, 2012

Zenyatta Had A Colt!

Zenyatta, my favorite thoroughbred mare, delivered a dark bay colt weighing 130 pounds at 10:10 last night.  The colt has a a large star on his forehead, and has ermine around his hooves.  Daddy is Bernardini.  The Blood Horse states that there are photos posted of mare and foal, and a short video clip of them on Zenyatta's web site.  Her URL is :  , but I have been unable to access the site due to heavy traffic through their server....  Otherwise, I'd have a photo of the pair posted.
   I added another ten pages to my brother-in-law's family tree last night, adding information on his mothers' side - both the Sanborns and the Procters.  And I found a photo of his great-grandparents that had been posted on-line, so I sent it to him and his siblings.
   It's nice and sunny out - the kits are running in and out the patio door.  This morning, Nedi jumped on top of Lovey and kicked the daylights out of her while in the bath tub.  She hissed and cussed a lot, and finally got out of his clutches.  (Nedi considers the tub his territory.)    We had a very nice walk yesterday, even though Remy was only up for 20 minutes.  Then I took Rosie on for a walk/jog for another 45 minutes.  I'll be taking them out about 12:30 today, so they won't be at home to bark at the furnace repairmen while they are working.
   And yesterday I saw a black fox for the fourth time in the 5-acre property at the end of Topaz and Emerald, that parallels Garnet.  In the last twelve days, I've seen it both from Garnet and from 19th Street.  I sent that news out to the neighborhood wildlife e-mail list, and was informed that a red fox has also been seen in the same area.  Hopefully, the coyotes have moved on.  I haven't seen them or had reports of them for the past 8 weeks, and with the return of the foxes to the neighborhood, it's a good indication they have moved on.
   I hope everyone has a super weekend! - And don't forget to turn your clocks forward one hour Sunday when you get up, or Saturday night before you go to bed!! (That is, do so if you live in the US, other than the states of Hawaii or Arizona.)

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