Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Abandoned" Baby Wildlife - Look, Do NOT Touch

It's the time of year when young birds first try their wings, baby deer are left in (sometimes) inadequate cover, and youngsters just can't fight the urge to go out and explore - even if parents have told them to stay put.  Lots of people are finding cute, adorable, "abandoned" baby animals - but most of the time the babies have not truly been abandoned.  Parents have gone hunting for themselves and their young, and will return shortly.  If their babies are not where they were left, parents will cry for their kids, and the kids will respond. This happens every year...  And well-meaning humans pick up and handle babies that should be left alone; which often causes the parents to reject the babies, and their deaths are then human-caused.
  Please - if you see a baby critter, take photos.  Do not touch.  If you are truly worried about the baby, and it is still in plain view after 3 or 4 hours, contact a Parks and Wildlife Specialist.  Leave the babies to their parents and the natural way of the world.

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