Friday, May 31, 2013


Thirty minutes after I blogged ( and wrote on Facebook) about my e-mail being shut down, I was allowed to use it again.  I guess they looked and figured out I was just receiving photos without captions...  Stopped by the store on the way home to the apartment this morning, and got more canned food and crunchie treats for my kits.  Got a new kind of dried salmon that has Nedi begging for it.  Cloudy and Shady are fine, as is Miss Rosie.  Rosie actually played for about 5 minutes with Boo this morning - and it's the first time they have interacted that way; it was nice to see.  Lovey has been clingy, which is normal, when I'm away and taking care of other critters.
   It's been in the 60s the past few days, with a pretty good wind blowing yesterday and today.  There is snow falling up along the Divide even now, and Trail Ridge Road has had to be plowed several times in the past day and a half.  That means good news for skiers - Arapaho Basin is staying open for skiing through Sunday June 9, thanks to the snow and chilly weather up top-side....
   A young mountain lion tripped a remote camera on Mount Sanitas this past Monday evening, which is a local hiking area.

And I saw a creature I couldn't, or didn't, recognize the other night at Alexy's.  As I was going to bed, the motion sensor turned the light beside my window open, and, since I had my glasses on, I decided to see what had tripped the light.  Whatever it was, it stayed close to the side of the house, but heading west, toward the irrigation ditch, I finally saw it.  I am still not sure what it was.  It had brown fur, had a sinuous body, and I'm pretty sure (95 %) that the tail was also furred.  My first thought was ferret (or weasel or stoat) and/or a young river otter...  But I haven't seen it again, so it will remain a mystery...

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