Friday, May 10, 2013

CU Graduation

The helicopters circling overhead are driving me crazy this morning.  I had forgotten today was graduation day at CU - which means everyone descends upon Folsom Field for the major ceremony, and then goes to the different subject areas for the actual bestowal of the diplomas.  So the Millennium Harvest House behind me is totally booked, and there were quite a few parties that ended up in the parking lot last night.  I'm happy I got my kits inside early in the evening....   The grocery store was packed at 6 this morning, and there was a triple line going out the door for Starbucks.  I bought a bagel and cat food.  This morning the squirrels were treated to a combination of almonds, walnuts, and peanut butter cookies, so they should be satisfied.
   Prince Harry is due here sometime this afternoon - but I'm having lunch with my friend Bea, and then need to grab a few necessities.  My "lottery dreams" did not come true on Wednesday night, but no one won the pot, so the total is up to about $270 million for Saturday.  I'll get a couple of chances.  I removed two 40-gallon trash bags full of crushed dead leaves from my patio yesterday and placed them in the compost heap. My patio is now clean-swept concrete, with three wicker chairs, one potted plant, and with a chubby blue bird of happiness looking on.  The kits are spending a lot of time in the sun, and seem to be having a great time scratching their backs on the irregularities.
  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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