Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hungry Squirrels and Lottery Dreams

Yesterday was grey with occasional showers; today is the same.  The squirrels have eaten over a pound of walnuts this morning and keep asking for more.  I had fed the kits, opened the patio doors, and started to feed myself this morning, when a quick movement caught my eye.  It caught my eye, because it was about 5 feet away from my face, on top of my TV console...  I looked up to find I was being ogled by a squirrel, who was sitting on the top corner, looking at me - he apparently had enough ESP strength to attract my attention and to convey the thought that I hadn't yet put out any nuts or goodies for my furry friends.  I fed them, then I finished eating, and I then called to re-new my prescriptions.  As I was ending the automated call, Cashew was back on top of the console, just looking.  That's when I found that over a pound of nuts had disappeared in less than 30 minutes....  My "kids" do have good appetites.  Since it is raining hard at my apartment, I cancelled my walk with Rosie today, but we should have a good stretch tomorrow, as it is supposed to clear and get a little warmer.
  The next lottery drawing, on Saturday, is for approximately $270 million.  I have to admit I've been dreaming about what I'd do with that money.  My best friends and relatives would get cash, with taxes already paid; I'd set up trust funds for several no kill animal shelters across the country and for Catch-Neuter-Release programs;  I'd buy a house on Chincoteague Island, and find a place nearby where I could keep a couple of riding horses.  I'd make several short trips - mainly because I dislike being away from my kits for any length of time - and see all the places I've dreamed of visiting, and all the places made familiar by books.  I 'd love to be able to spend some time in Denmark and Sweden, doing more investigating on the family tree; and there are many places in states that I would like to explore - but I'd have to find a pet-friendly place to stay, because my kits would go with me, here in the US.  Big time day dreams, I know...  But we all have to have at least one single dream to keep us going!
  Tonight is the season finale for Person of Interest; tomorrow night we get to see the season finales for Vegas and Blue Bloods.   (And, being a dufus, I had no idea that CBS has it's own on-line store, selling T-shirts, mugs, and all sorts of other things, for their shows - you can check it out at )

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